Hidden Winds Holt

From the lands far to the north, from the Frozen Mountains,
we came.
Forged in ice and tempered with the cold of battle, we descended from our mountain home to seek a new land,
and a new life.
Here, in the place where the green stretches farther than the eyes can see, where it stretches on forever,
we have ceased our search.
Nestled high in the treetops of this immense forest, so green and full of life that our snow-taught senses cannot fathom it and our snow-born eyes can scarcely believe it,
we have made our home.
We have shaped living dens high in the massive trees, shielded from the world below, hidden from prying eyes, hidden even from the wind.
Though this place is new to us, it is our home, and we are still Wolfriders.  If you respect the rules of the pack, you are welcome to run with us.  If you do not, then leave now, for our steel and our wills are as strong and hard as the land whence we came.

The tribe has now been here for two years.  With the rainy season well and truly under way for the first time since the ending of the drought, they are about to learn the true nature of their home.
Holt Happenings
Council has begun.
 Site Updates
February 16, 2003
Please welcome Julie, who has brought her cub Leaf with her, and Julia, who has adopted Sharpstar!
Michelle has decided to put Buckthorn up for adoption.
New art, by Erin, Julie, and Foxx.

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