Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Julie

Character Name: Leaf
~Cub Name: Leaf
Soul Name: Kenal (unrevealed)
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Family: Friendly (mother - missing), Fallsdiver (father - missing), Sandstreamer (grandmother - recently deceased)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Leaf is very artistic, and draws nearly everything she sees. She can always be found with a bit of burnt wood or white rock in her hand, sketching on slate or leaves. She'll be just as happy with a stick in the sand as well. She also is very skilled when it comes to cooking, especially when knowing just what root or plant adds the best flavour. While her grandmother was ill, Leaf did most of the cooking for her.
Weapons/Tools: As yet, she has no weapons; her only tools are what she draws with.
Tribal Duty: Cub
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: No/No
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Leaf is a very loving elf. She cares deeply for people very easily, and she takes to strangers with almost naive instant love. She feels things very extremely; when she is happy, she is VERY happy, and when she is scared, or angry, she feels those emotions to the extremes. She gets frustrated when she cannot express something to others. She does not understand shallow feelings, or the purpose of lying. Ironically, Leaf has learned the art of "hedging" and can get out of prospective trouble by being a little vague...she just doesn't see this as a lie. If she is ever lied to, it hurts her more than anything. She can be shy; when there are loud noises Leaf becomes very frightened. She hates yelling, and pain. She loves art and all things to do with colours, nothing thrills her more than to see a new colour she'd never seen before, or to find a new way to sketch something. Because of her disability, Leaf has develeoped a very patient side. She can also be very stubborn though; she gets this from her mother. She laughs silently, but with her eyes as well. She also puts her whole heart into accomplishing a task, even if it seems too big for her. Most of all, she keeps her promises. If she says she will do something, she will do it, no matter the cost.
Likes/Dislikes: She loves nature, trees and the rain. She loves any form of water, colours, and the twilit sky. She hates loud noises, and is afraid of lightning. She loves to listen to people sing, as she cannot do this herself.
Fears: She is deathly afraid of large fires and lightning, and she cannot move for fear when she sees a snake.
Hair: Leaf's hair is a deep honey colour and impossibly curly.From when she was a little cub, her hair has always been hacked short, to keep the curls from getting entangled with the briars and brush.
Eyes: Leaf's eyes are large, and rounded. They are a light dove-grey in colour, with a darker circle around the iris. Nearly all of her emotions can be read in her eyes, even if she tries to hide her feelings.
Facial Features: Since she is only a cub, Leaf's face is rather round, with the smallest pattern of nearly invisible freckles spattering her small nose. Her lips and eyes are large for a child her size, and give her a constant expression of wonder, and innocence; almost timidity.
Height/Build: She is smaller than the average Wolfrider, almost runty in stature, but she is healthy in build. She tries to make up for her lack in size in speed and agility.
Typical Clothing: Leaf prefers large soft woven tunics and shirts, and shuns shoes at all times. She does not like to wear anything fancy or constricting, prefering above all things to be sky-clad...which can lead to some embarrasing situations. She does not have very high concept of modesty or what is lady-like, and will only put on leggings when reminded. She can usually be found in a large soft brown-grey shirt, and barefoot.
Color Scheme: She prefers greys and soft browns, with the occasional blue. She hates blacks and purples.
Jewelry/Decorations: Around her neck is a very fine, fragile looking silver necklace, holding a silver ring with a soft purple stone. The ring was her mother's, and the necklace was given her by her grandmother before she died.
Special Possessions: The ring of her mother's and the necklace of her grandmother's. She also has a small wooden doll her father carved for her, that she has named "Suncub".
Personal History: Leaf is the daughter of Friendly and Fallsdiver, who were lifemates before they Recognized each other. Leaf was the joy of their life, even when it was found that she was born mute, unable to speak, only send. Her parents still loved her beyond reason, and for two turns Leaf was very happy. Tragically however, when Leaf was two, Fallsdiver was swept away by the river as he was diving for a known river rock for spearheads. That evening, his wolfbond Mudraker disappeared. Leaf's mother took this as a sign that her lifemate was still alive, and she left Leaf in the care of her maternal grandmother, Sandstreamer. It is six turns later, and Friendly and Fallsdiver have not returned, and after a very long illness her grandmother has recently died. Alone, Leaf was accepted into Rainweaver's den, as his brother Deepflame and Fallsdiver were best friends. Having both lost people who were as close to each other as Fallsdiver and Deepflame were, Leaf and Rainweaver have both adapted to the new situation pretty easily. Still, Leaf longs for a mother, a female figure that she can look up to. She holds out on the hope that her mother and father WILL return someday.

Name: Solemn
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shaggy, and black, with unpatterned patches of dark brown. She has bright yellow eyes.
Personality: Solemn is quiet and very maternal towards Leaf. She is not a carefree smiling wolf, but loves Leaf unconditionally. She had belonged to Friendly after Friendly's former wolf-bond Nightrunner had died in a hunting accident. Solemn can always be found by Leaf's side, silent and watching.