Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Foxx

Character Name: Palefox
~Cub Name: Palefox
Soul Name: Sita (see-ta)
Gender: Female
Age: 58
Family:  Softpaw (father, lost), Songbird (mother, deceased)
Lovemates: A few, none notable
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Works well with her hands, although she lacks tanning skills. Every attempt she has made to this day has resulted in stiff, useless hides. She enjoys making jewelry from flowers and wet twigs, and will create them for anyone, she enjoys it so much. She is excellent at stealth, and will commonly succeed in sneaking up on people, although she is not incapable of being startled herself.
Weapons/Tools: A very small dagger to strip fresh twigs, and a larger dagger for self defense.
Tribal Duty: Scout
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering party
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Anything but anti-social, Palefox will hang around anyone that will let her, although she doesn't always talk. Her silence is a sign of depression over her lost father, but she doesn’t let it interfere with her duties or life in general. When she does talk it will likely be to ask a question (most of which can't be answered easily, like "what makes the sky blue?" or "what are the stars made of and why don't they fall?"). Her idea of being friendly is to ask lots of questions, but this can be irritating, especially with those difficult questions. When she's not thinking about what makes the world turn, she becomes adventurous and mischievous. She will play pranks on elf and wolf alike, such as falling baskets of water, and tripping vines. She can almost always be found with a small smile on her face, and she doesn't lose her temper openly or easily, but her physical demeanor will tense and turn cold when she is peeved about something.
Likes/Dislikes: Adventures, creating things from the forest around her, pranks/experiments, drawing and other crafts with her hands, the rain. Senseless talking, fighting, people who won't answer her questions, dreamberries ("they smell funny!").
Fears: Being disliked, falling out of the trees, that her short stature will cause the others to forever think of her as a cub, getting lost orleft behind (but obviously not enough to keep her from exploring!).
Hair: Soft red and long, down to mid-back. A little wavy. She pulls the hair from her temples back and braids it behind her, braiding thin strips of bright red leather in with it. At the ends of the leather she fastens fresh leaves.
Eyes: Very pale green, almost silver, but not quite. Roundish, and always inquisitive.
Facial Features: Soft curves for her face, with a delicate nose, although not small
Height/Build: Rather small and thin, so much so she can easily be mistaken as a cub.
Typical Clothing: Thin leather pants of different shades of green and brown patched together for camouflage. Her boots are also made of a thin leather, but reinforced on the soles, and a deep brown to match the ground. Her shirt is a simple pattern and made of the same thin leather. It is skin tight so it wont snag on anything while she explores, and also patch-worked.
Color Scheme: Browns, reds, greens
Jewelry/Decorations: She has made herself a belt for show out of limber twigs and stones.
Special Possessions: She treasures her little dagger that was given to her by her father when he taught her how to strip the twigs of bark. The memory of her father to whom she credits everything she knows, and the memory of her first wolf bond Greycloud.
Personal History: Her mother died giving birth to her, leaving her to her father's care. Without the direct feminine influence she grew up somewhat rougher than she might otherwise have. Her father never liked fighting much, so naturally Palefox grew up to dislike it as well, as she adored her father and took anything he said as the truth. Her distaste for fighting was reinforced when she got caught in a surprise attack by the trolls, and her first wolfbond Greycloud was killed defending her. The loss of Greycloud was doubly tormenting since the trolls had set her on fire, and her pelt was burnt beyond saving. Aside from the frequent attacks of the trolls, her life in the mountains wasn’t very lively. When the tribe left the mountains, Palefox was all too glad to go. She liked the excitement of the unknown ahead, and leaving the nasty trolls behind was certainly a plus. Along the two-turn journey her father taught her how to strip twigs to keep her occupied and out of trouble, and succeeded better than he could have hoped. Not long after they settled down, Palefox went exploring and got a little lost in these new lands. When she didn’t answer her father’s sending (she was too far away) he took Saber (his wolf-bond) and went to look for her. When Palefox finally found her way home she was overjoyed, until she realized her father had gone looking for her and had not returned. She blamed herself for being a foolish cub and wandering out of sending range...and fell into a state of depression. The tribe was able to help her come back to the ‘now’ of wolf-thought, but she still remains quieter than she used to be.

Name: Swift
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Several shades of silky brown, with a semi-white patch on his stomach and front paws. He has a long scar from his left shoulder to his bottom right rib cage from a fight with another wolf. His eyes are a rich hazel gold and appear to be watching everything around him with an intense glare. Trim and lean (from running, he loves it), although he possesses the bulk of male wolves.
Personality: Somewhat intolerant of rambunctious cubs and pups. He will not hesitate to snap warningly if they get on his nerves, although he would never attack them. He has grown used to Palefox's playful nature, though he still seems to disapprove of it at times. He isn't out to get other wolves, but he also wont back down from a challenge; therefore he stays fairly stable in the mid-range to upper mid-range of the pack. As his name implies he is very fast, most likely the fastest wolf in the pack.