Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Adoptable

Character Name: Icebreaker
~Cub Name: Brightmane
Soul Name: Taeir
Gender: Male
Age: 630
Family: Longleap (father, deceased), Riversong (mother, deceased), Goodchase (son, alive)
Lovemates: Ebony (deceased)
Lifemates: Newbud (deceased)
Recognized: None
Skills/Hobbies: Icebreakers’s physical prowess is impressive even for an accomplished hunter. He likes weapons and has dedicated most of his life to mastering as many as he could. His mental skills are less noteworthy, but he does have a strange knack for riddles. He enjoys testing the limits of his strength and endurance.
Weapons/Tools: Though he is proficient, or at least familiar, with just about all weapons, he prefers his spear – long, bone-tipped, very heavy.
Tribal Duty: Hunter
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting.
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Smug, convinced that he has seen it all and very much overconfident, Icebreaker has long held the opinion that the world exists for Wolfriders. He has little qualms over killing his prey, views Trolls with outpouring contempt, and is generally tackling life with the subtlety and the compromising ability of a bear in heat. Winning his respect is very hard, and once won, that respect is always rather grudging. Despite that, there is a certain charm in his inability to admit his own faults, and he isn’t really as mean as he may seem to those who get on his bad side. He believes that with his abilities, it is his duty to defend his tribe, and his love for them is as fierce and genuine as it is patronizing. Though he loved both Newbud and Ebony a great deal, he never understood Goodchase; they’re on very bad terms.
Likes/Dislikes: Hard-won success; bragging; weapons, especially of metal; dark-haired Elf maidens; high summer.  Being humiliated or proven wrong; feeling ‘messed up’ or dirty; felines; his son; Dreamberries, he gets very…odd…when drunk.
Fears: Loss of his physical abilities, Goodchase when he gets nasty.
Hair: Silver-blond with the occasional red flash, very thick, long and spread on his back.
Eyes: Blue, almond-shaped, fairly alluring.
Facial Features: Strong and sharp. High cheekbones, heavy brow, some fluffy face-fur just beginning to grow – an embarrassment to him. Not particularly handsome, but radiating determination.
Height/Build: Tall, very tall even. Not bulky, but with finely toned muscles, especially in his chest and shoulders, looks very stable.
Typical Clothing: An open dark blue vest, lined with leather strips to tie and close it in winter, with a high collar. Black-blue pants trimmed with a bit of fur, and high black boots. A belt across the chest connecting to a much thicker one around the waist. In winter he would sometimes wear a fuzzy gray shirt under the vest, but he likes the cold.
Color Scheme: Blue, black, brown.
Jewelry/Decorations: Wrist guards on both hands, a chain of beads hanging from his belt.
Special Possessions: A Troll-sword that belonged to his father, and the beads – Newbud’s work.
Personal History: Born in the frozen wastes, Icebreaker’s life started hard. His father was the hunt leader, and never had much time for his lifemate and cub. Longleap’s dedication cost Riversong her life – young Brightmane was only eight turns old when she went searching for the hunters, missing for many days, and was killed by Trolls.
     That mellowed Longleap a bit, and he and Brightmane became much closer. The hunt leader began teaching his son to hunt and fight, and Brightmane took well and gladly to the teaching. Many ranted that he was being favored, but only until he, alone, found and rescued a hunting party trapped in a cave, and earned his new name.
His father’s death of the foaming sickness was a serious blow to Icebreaker; he took comfort in hunting and battle. He contended for the role of hunt leader many times, and might have made it if any chief trusted him in the leadership position he simply enjoyed far too much.
     Ebony was much younger than him when they became lovemates, and rumor still goes he was more infatuated with her exceptional looks than with her. He was shocked and distraught when Goodchase was born, resenting the sickly cub, and though he tried to hide it, Ebony knew just what he was thinking and broke the bond without so much as an explanation. Hurting, Icebreaker found comfort in Newbud’s much truer love. They became lifemates within two years, and remained so until she died in the same disaster that killed Ebony. That was mostly the reason why, though he worshipped Crestfallen, Icebreaker did not resent Flaretalon his winning of the Chief’s Lock.

Name: Graylove
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Appearance: A small creature, even for her age, very fuzzy, very gray – not a spot of another color on her – very delicate, Flintstrike isn’t half sure she’ll be able to bear his weight when she is full-grown.
Personality: Only survivor of her litter, Graylove grew up with the tribe rather than the pack, and acts ready to walk on two legs, in the sense that she is too naïve and maybe not intelligent enough to understand she isn’t an Elf. A very gentle, shyly playful sort of Elf, usually either spoiled rotten or completely intimidated by her bond.