Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Joan

Character Name: Goodchase
~Cub name: Flutter
Soul name: Ien
Gender: Male
Age: 61
Family: Icebreaker (father, alive), Ebony (mother, deceased).
Lovemates: None of note
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None
Skills/Hobbies: Goodchase's chief ability is his wit – a vicious, extraordinary skill with words, most efficient when lashing out with sarcastic comments. He is also a good maker of songs, tales and jokes. To compensate for what he lacks in strength and endurance, he is a creative hunter, good with nets, ropes, traps, hiding and climbing. He enjoys wrestling and rolling about with the wolf pack, and cooling the more flirtatious members of the tribe with his gleefully nasty remarks.
Weapons/Tools: Two long daggers, worked with both hands, and ropes aplenty.
Tribal duty: Hunter, trapmaker, occasional storyteller.
Hunting party/Gathering Party: Hunting.
~Sending (weak)
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Witty, lighthearted Goodchase is the lowest Elf in the tribe, the perfect target for everyone's jokes, frustrations and contempt, and is very happy about it – it beats being responsible for anything! Being beaten around is good therapy for Goodchase; he believes it keeps a sensible head on his shoulders and teaches him what nothing else can. Perhaps he is right – being the outsider, the fool, his critical eye for society is all but perfected. He had appointed himself keeper of the tribe's good sense: if a decision disagrees with him enough, he would speak his opinion out loud with his dreaded wit, and what can possibly make anyone look bad more than being mocked by the pack's lowest wolf? When he isn't busy nipping at the heels of authority, Goodchase is calmly silly and humble, fond of groveling with a wink. He makes little sense of romance, and scoffs at deep friendships, preferring his private thoughts and the company of the wolves. Though conscious of the good of the tribe and the idea of learning from one's mistakes, he lives in the Now as best he can. He is also about the least self-conscious Elf the tribe has seen.
Likes/Dislikes: Meat, as raw as possible; jokes and howls; sensible elders; following the wolves around; heights.  Blind obedience and acceptance; harsh cynicism and bubbly romance both; the white-cold season; 'deep and meaningful' conversations; his father.
Fears: Cubs. For some reason they make him intensely uncomfortable and fretful, and he avoids them as best he can.
Hair: Dark, rich brown. Smooth, past his shoulders, usually loose, with some of it braided back. During hunts bound in a loose ponytail.
Eyes: Blue, dark, almond-shaped.
Facial Features: Triangular, very sharp, high cheekbones, small nose.
Height/Build: Average height, maybe a bit shorter, angular, bony, stringy. Looks quick but not strong.
Typical clothing: Light brown, loose, cross-stitched pants. Soft shoes. A longish brown loincloth. Fingerless gloves up to his elbows. He likes as little as possible between the good air and his skin in summer. In winter, however, he covers himself with as much fur as he can – a thick coat, cloak and hood to begin with, and anything else within reach, since he gets sick easily, and generally loaths the weather.
Color scheme: Mostly brown, sometimes green.
Jewelry/Decorations: Nothing much. The occasional chain of beads and a feather in his hair when it’s braided.
Special Possessions: None material. He never gained anything of note himself, Ebony had nothing to give, and he wouldn’t take anything from Icebreaker. His most cherished possession is his sarcasm.
Character History: Goodchase was born outside of Recognition – his mother, Ebony, did not know of her minor healing ability until she conceived. Only twenty turns of age at the time, and estranged from her much older lovemate, she nonetheless insisted on raising her cub alone, and did a good job of it, too.
     Young Flutter was a frail cub who grew into a sickly, clumsy youth, never particularly good at anything. Used to a position of inferiority from early on, he learned to make the best of it, and even enjoy it. Though his health and physical ability improved with age, his social status never did, probably for lack of trying more than anything else.
     A turning point came with Crestfallen's journey, when Ebony, Icebreaker, Flutter and some others were was separated along the way during a bad storm, and Ebony became lost. Icebreaker, maybe wisely, refused to risk the others in search for her. Unfortunately for him, Flutter was so absolutely outraged he forgot himself and his tribal standing. Flashing his dreaded wit, he made such a song about Flintstrike that the proud hunter was the laughingstock of the tribe for weeks, and went alone in search of his mother. He found only Ebony's body, and had to be rescued himself, but the experience did wonders to his self-confidence. Finding his soul name in the snow, and given the tribe name Goodchase for this feat, the one thing he ever won respect for, he became the tribe's fool by choice alone. Since then he'd been the fear of every authority figure around, displaying his unique skill very rarely, but fearlessly. He firmly supported Flaretalon (and made sure everyone knew it) and still does.
     Though he had his share of a hesitant joinings, Goodchase never warmed up to romance, and so far had no lovemate. He did love his first wolf-friend, Leafsniff, dearly, and was crushed when she died. Tapper has mostly mended that old pain by now, and has also made sure that at least among the wolf pack, Goodchase is of equal status to anyone.

Name: Tapper
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Huge, shaggy, a light gray shade with white patches on his chest, legs and face, short-legged and slightly overweight.
Personality: A wolf just as much a smart-ass as his Elf-friend, if more serious about it. Tapper is a very clever creature, usually heartily careless of Goodchase and more concerned with freaking out other Elves with his wolf-antics. His position in the pack is disproportionably high.