Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Linda

Character Name: Midnight
~Cub Name: Plum
Soul Name: Paars
Gender: Male
Age: 265
Family: Moonrock (father, deceased), Nightfire (mother, missing)
Lovemates: Sweetpea (also nicknamed "Pet")
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Hunting, stargazing, scouting
Weapons/Tools: Sling
Tribal Duty: Scout, Hunter
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting Party
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Midnight is a true follower of the Way; he constantly lives in the Now. He says what he thinks is right to say, often bluntly. He's gentle-natured and keeps a close eye at his lovemate, his former adoptive cub. Sweetpea's flirty nature often makes him cranky, caused by jealousy; but he also thinks the youngster should be free to do whatever he wants and that he needs to be able to explore all that's there to be explored.
Likes/Dislikes: Stargazing (and telling others about the stars), Sweetpea's presence, hunting, honesty. Seeing Sweetpea flirt with others, impatience.
Fears: Water and the possibility of drowning; his father drowned.
Hair: Black and long, reaching his hips. He wears it in a high ponytail to keep it out of his face. It's not too thick.
Eyes: Bright purple, sharp eyes, narrow shaped and slightly slanted.
Facial Features: He has sharp features, prominent cheekbones, a button nose and thin lips, often curled in a mysterious smile. Rounded eyebrows, pointy chin, square jaw.
Height/Build: Somewhat taller than the average elf, Midnight is slim and his muscles are not clearly visible. Rather skinny.
Typical Clothing: An open olive green vest with sleeves that reach his elbows, laced with purplish streaks of leather. He wears dark green pants which are tucked in his black leather boots, which are laced with white fur. When it gets colder, he wears a dark green cape with a black motif and a cap, laced with fur.
Color Scheme: Dark green with hints of black and purple.
Jewelry/Decorations: None.
Special Possessions: The purple headband of his father, which he wears around his left upper arm.
Personal History: Midnight was born and called Plum at his birth, named after his bright purple eyes. He lived in the Mountains the largest part of his life. The death of his father struck him hard; he drowned because of unknown reasons but Plum recovered fast because of his strong Wolfsong. This made him grew closer to his mother Nightfire, who had a hard time dealing with the fact that she lost her lifemate. But when he grew older and lovemated for the first time, their bond became a bit looser. His first lovemate called him Midnight, due to his deep black hair and the lights in his eyes, which looked like little fireflies, and he decided to keep that name. He doesn't know hers anymore, actually. During the long trip to the deep forest, his mother disappeared without a sound and although he still hopes that she comes back sometimes, he's given up his hope to ever find her and in fact, she's deceased to him. When Sweetpea's father died Midnight immediately offered to raise the cub as his own, but he didn't quite know why he actually offered it. He helped the cub with finding back the "Now" of wolf thought and eventually, they became lovemates. But Midnight didn't want to bind the youngster; he should have the free opportunity to explore everything that Midnight also explored when he was young. The flirty nature of his lovemate depressed him sometimes but not too long. Sweetpea always returned to him, eventually.

Name: Solid
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Appearance: Large wolf, very big paws. He's dark grey in color, with no marks.
Personality: The wolf is named Solid because Midnight ran into him and he stood his ground; Midnight bounced back. He can be very cranky, especially when waking up and doesn't like cubs much, but loves the chase when hunting.