Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Jessi

Character Name: Sweetpea
Soul Name: Ewan
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Family: Starglance (mother - deceased), Sunflame (father - deceased)
Lovemates: Midnight
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Sweetpea is becoming quite a skilled gatherer despite his short attention-span, and is also growing into his shielding powers. He is also quite fond of singing, dancing, and above all else flirting - much to his lovemate's dislike.
Weapons/Tools: A small dagger, and is slowly (due to his impatience) learning the way of bow and arrows.
Tribal Duty: Gatherer and guard
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Incredibly playful and childish, Sweetpea doesn't seem like he's ever going to truly grow up. He loves to make others laugh, adores cubs, and would rather get into mischief than be a serious hunter. Although Sweetpea has barely had the time to grow up, he sees no rush to do so either, enjoying the carefree, playful life he has now. Sweetpea is also a bit of a flirt; if anyone tempting is in a close radius, Sweetpea often has a suggestive remark or two for them! However, he is loving to Midnight, adoring his lovemate above all else. Sweetpea lives entirely in the NOW - nothing shakes him for too long, and he prefers it that way.
Likes/Dislikes: Lazying around, playing games, getting into trouble, trying to get Midnight to laugh. Being alone, not getting attention
Fears: Floods, fast-moving water
Hair: Sweetpea has bangs that form a widow's peak at his forehead and curl around his face. Most of the hair is pulled up in a long, somewhat messy ponytail, but a few strands fall in front of his ears. When worn down, his hair goes to about mid-back. Sweetpea's hair is light brown in colour that shimmers a soft gold in sunlight.
Eyes: Large, cub-like, and always open and telling, round and bright green.
Facial Features: A very round, soft face with a small nose and lips.
Height/Build: Somewhat short for a male, with very little build - is incredibly whisp-thin.
Typical Clothing: A short-sleeved light lilac-blue tunic, tied at the hips with a thick piece of rope and drapes slightly past his hips. Worn with dark indigo pants and tall, black boots. Has black gloves that start halfway between wrist and elbow, with the fingers cut out.
Color Scheme: Blues and violets
Jewelry/Decorations: Two silver earrings in each ear
Special Possessions: His dagger, which once belonged to his father.
Personal History: Sweetpea was given his name by his weakened mother due to the colour of his eyes and his almost perfect disposition at birth; she died shortly after naming her cub, however, for she had a hard labor and had been sick during much of her pregnancy. Sweetpea was raised almost primarily by his father, Sunflame, who loved his cub, but never truly allowed himself to get close to him - Sweetpea reminded Sunflame of his mother in every which way. Sunflame died when Sweetpea was only twelve turns, and Sweetpea fell into a complete state if despair, falling out of the Way. However, his gentle friend, Midnight, helped Sweetpea to return to the Way and the NOW of Wolf-thought, giving Sweetpea the ability to recover. With time and the NOW, Sweetpea learned to rely on the entire tribe to be his parents. He remained incredibly close to Midnight, thinking of him almost as a father, and now, as a lovemate.

Name: Cat
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: A very small, lanky wolf with dark grey fur and soft patches of rust-brown.
Personality: Sweetpea named his wolfbond Cat due to her independent, fiesty nature - indeed, Cat seems to have many years of maturity upon her elfbond. Although the two seem to be opposites, the bond is close, and they often 'bicker' like a protective mother watching a cub.