Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Ally

Character Name: Feral
~Cub Name: Blaze
Soul Name: Rawn
Gender: Female
Age: 82
Family: TBA
Lovemates: Not currently; Rainweaver, in the past
Lifemates: No
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Tracking, skinning, stalking, being slightly intimidating; loves to swim, tree climbing, some minor acrobatics, teaching those who actually think she's experienced enough to want her help.
Weapons/Tools: A tall spear that reaches a few inches above her head. Very dark wood handle; she affectionately calls it "Blackie" (when no one is listening, of course)
Tribal Duty: Tracker, hunter
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Feral is no longer the timid, but cheerful Blaze that she was in her younger days. Years spent alone have changed her, and not all in the best ways. She tends to be a bit of a loner, but she's by no means left out of the tribe. She's just used to being on her own, so lone hunting trips and taking time to sit in a tree by herself don't seem unnatural to her. As much experience as she thinks she has, Feral is sometimes quite impetuous and brash, not realizing that her actions effect others. She can be a gruff prickle-thorn on the outside; she has a vicious growl and is not afraid to use it (her growl is worse than her bite, really!), and can be quite stubborn. But she's a heart of mush on the inside; a diehard romantic even. How others see her is very important to her, but not enough to keep her from being a bit of a kook sometimes, especially with the assistance of dreamberries. Oddly enough, she doesn't get along well with cubs; she loves them all dearly, would protect them with her life, but after a while, they start unnerve her. She follows the way closely, her wolfblood calling to her much more strongly than her elfblood.
Likes/Dislikes: Her spear (she can carry on whole conversations with it sometimes…just don't ask), her `alone time' in the trees, howling for the fun of it.  Being around the cubs for too long, being told she's a grump even though she knows she can be sometimes, when wet leaves stick to the bottom of her boots.
Fears: That she'll isolate herself too much and lose her tribe again.
Hair: Cinnamon auburn, wild and wavy with a bit of curl. Long to her lower back, it's worn in a low, loose braid until about her shoulder blades, where it is tied off and then let loose, like a ponytail. Plum-colored beads worn randomly throughout the braid. Then there's the obligatory `bangs in the face' that comes with having wild hair…
Eyes: Very dark blue/violet, leaf shaped
Facial Features: Oval-round face with aristocratic brows and a straight, but not hooked, nose. Chin is rather stubborn if she sets it; cupid's bow top lip, slightly pouty lower lip
Height/Build: Medium height, a little on the short side; not skinny or waifish at all. She's solidly set and curvy, but not overly so, and has the body of a hunter (think Kahvi)
Marks/Scars: Missing the tip of her right ear
Typical Clothing: Low-slung, shorts with lacing up the sides. One shoulder tank top that reaches to the middle of her ribcage.
Color Scheme: Tan with black and deep plum trimmings
Jewelry/Decorations: Black thong around her neck with small piece of bone carved into a small oval. Black designs carved into it, in the form of a rough spiral. Two small black bone hoops in each ear.
Special Possessions: Her spear and her necklace; she made them herself.
Personal History: She grew up in the old arctic holt, and was a warrior in training until one she just up and left. She knew the dangers of a lone elf in troll territory, but she had the strongest case of wanderlust grip her that she just up and left one night. So she wandered on her own for a while, surviving quite well with her wolf-friend, Creeper, and avoiding the trolls as best she could. But she didn't hide well enough one day, and her missing eartip goes to show how close she brushed the trolls. Eventually, she stopped thinking of herself as `one of the tribe' and basically got into the mindset that her pack included just herself and her wolfbond. She no longer thought of herself with a name, much like her wolf did. She soon traveled into warmer climates, losing her bond on a hunt that (obviously) went badly, and so slowly returned to her elfin frame of mind. It was then that she realized that she needed a name, but felt that `Blaze' did not suit her. And so she became Feral, a lone wolf. She traveled for over 50 years, always coming back to check on the tribe’s territory, but never going ‘home’. She realized that the tribe had moved and so began to follow their trail to the warmer climates, just in case she ever wanted to return. But the new climate and unfamiliar area has made her realize she might not be able to survive alone. So she finally entered the tribe’s territory and has just recently has begun to reintegrate herself into it.