Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Erin

Character Name: Fleetfeather
~Cub Name: Osprey
Soul Name: Kir
Gender: Male
Age: 104
Family: Current (mother-deceased), Swiftblade (father-deceased), an unborn child (deceased)
Lovemates: None recently
Lifemates: Newcold (deceased)
Recognized: Newcold (deceased)
Skills/Hobbies: Swimming; he’s very at home in the water. He also loves bird watching, and really admires their grace and ease of movement. He also mimics birds’ calls, especially those of songbirds. He also daydreams, usually of flying.
Weapons/Tools: No weapons. At least, none that he uses. He does keep Newcold’s dagger, as a memento of her. He also keeps several small knives on him, for everyday use in gathering.
Tribal Duty: Gatherer.
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering party
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Before the death of his lovemate and unborn child, he was happy nearly all the time. Things have changed, though. He was always shy (especially around females) and has a habit of stuttering and turning bright red when females are around. He doesn’t speak much, although he does attempt humor now and then. His jokes are, sadly, usually pretty pathetic. He lives in the past a bit more than is healthy; this really shows when he starts drinking. Once he gets talking about his “old life” it’s hard to get him to stop. He isn’t much of a leader; he’d much rather just let things ride. He’s just now getting over his past, and beginning to appreciate life in general again. He tends to daydream, and often just stares off into space in the middle of a conversation until you get his attention back again. Violence is something he really, really hates, and it's tough for him to even be around it.  This is the real reason he isn't a part of the hunting party, but participates instead in gathering.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes listening to the birds, a “good” joke, swimming, the way rainstorms make everything seem fresh and alive, howls, being with people who make him feel comfortable. Dislikes hunting, fighting, the whitecold (it reminds him of his old lifemate), and very hot days.
Fears: Combat. It’s a matter of shame to him that he cannot fight, but the mere thought of battle makes his blood run cold. It’s irrational. He knows it’s irrational, but that doesn’t change anything.
Hair: Longish, shaggy light brown hair, with bangs constantly falling into his eyes, sometimes held back by a thin tan headband.
Eyes: Square, wide set eyes with deep, light golden irises.
Facial Features: A square-shaped face with defined cheekbones and a squarish jawline. A small, straight nose and a mouth that looks most natural when it’s smiling, with a dimple in his left cheek.
Height/Build: Fairly tall and slender, with clearly but not overly defined muscles.
Typical Clothing: A pair of tan breeches flaring at the bottoms with a darker brown loincloth falling to his knees. A thin leather belt with sheathes for his knives. Dark brown boots covered by his breeches, and sometimes a short tan vest.
Color Scheme: Tans and browns.
Jewelry/Decorations: A bracelet made of elk bone, given to him by Newcold.
Special Possessions: The bracelet and dagger, his memories of happier times, a few feathers he collected as a cub.
Personal History: Fleetfeather had a fairly typical cubhood; his father and mother, both fierce warriors, Recognized and loved him deeply. Over the years, however, Swiftblade put increasing pressure on his son to become a hunter and warrior. The gentle gatherer, with his deep fear of fighting, gradually grew away from his parents. When they died fighting the trolls side by side, he was young, only about 50, but his lovemate helped him through it. Newcold was a warrior too, and even after she Recognized Fleetfeather, she continued to battle the trolls. It was a mistake. She went out one day a few short years after the death of Current and Swiftblade to fight, and never returned. Ever since then, Fleetfeather has held an even deeper shame that he couldn’t be with her, couldn’t protect her and their child. He feels so much regret and shame that it’s sometimes hard for him to live in the present. Luckily, his friendship with the others in the tribe has helped him go on. He’s trying to be happy again, but sometimes it’s very hard.

Name: Noble
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Appearance: A light cream coloured coat with dark brown patches on her back. She’s not terribly big, but fairly strong. Deep, ice blue eyes.
Personality: Noble looks just as her name implies. However, that intense, almost elven look she usually wears is usually just because she’s confused. She’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she’s very kind and affectionate. Unlike her bondmate, she willingly participates in hunts, although she is aging and beginning to mellow a bit.