Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Ali

Character Name: Sparrow
~Cub Name: N/A
Soul Name: Lina (unrevealed)
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Family: Cobweb (mother), Spinner (father)
Lovemates: N/A
Lifemates: N/A
Recognized: N/A
Skills/Hobbies: Using his hands to create things, he likes to keep his mind active, and loves to contribute to any task in any way he can, often getting a little over-enthousiastic about things. A clever mimic, he always does his best to do exactly what he¹s been shown, without having to be told twice. He also loves creating small instruments and singing.
Weapons/Tools: A wooden short sword kept tied to a rope around his waist.
Tribal Duty: Cub
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: No
~Wolf bonding
Personality: A very bright spirit, he¹s fiercely stubborn and hard to knock down. In fact, it takes quite a bit to subdue him, and it¹s always those closest to him that manage to hurt him the most. He¹s got a keen, curious mind but would rather watch, and see how things work than ask, but he often takes to following people around simply staring at them instead. He keeps his emotions quite close to the cuff, though, not giving his love or trust out easily, and even then not often giving voice his feelings. Mature for his age, he demurs, and prefers staying in the background, giving him freedom to do his own thing as opposed to being a major fixture, and having to adhere to strict rules and conventions.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes learning and creating, music. Dislikes being confronted with too much emotion, having too much attention paid to him and being put on the spot.
Fears: Abandonment.
Hair: Wispy, flyaway black hair, very downy and glossy. Cut quite short, with thin bangs falling just above his eyes.
Eyes: Almond shaped and fairly deep set, they¹re a rich blackbrown in colour, defined with thick dark lashes.
Facial Features: Slightly squared jaw with slanted features, he¹s got a slim, downturned nose and thin lips on a wide mouth. High, dark curved eyebrows.
Height/Build: Reedy and slender, he¹s a small wisp of a boy with no baby fat and long limbs.
Typical Clothing: A light periwinkle poncho with a darker blue trim around the wide collar, with vertical stitching along the trim, tattered along the bottom. The poncho is patched in places, and falls almost to his knees. He wears a pair of loose black trousers. All his clothes are too-big and rumpled, making him look even smaller than he is.
Color Scheme: Periwinkle and black.
Jewelry/Decorations: A heavy brightmetal cuff resembling a manacle worn on each wrist.
Special Possessions: The cuffs.
Personal History: Although Sparrow grew up with two loving parents, he¹s always been rather wary of showing his emotions, taking after his father in his stone-facedness. At the age of five, as his parents were leaving for a hunt, he was caught following them, and was told repeatedly to stay in the Holt. When he was caught a second time, his parents scolded him and Sentry was left to keep him in the Holt while they left. He took it badly, and since his parents went missing on that hunt, he felt a deep sense of abandonment, from which he still isn¹t completely recovered.

Name: Sentry
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: A dark, mottled greyblack with narrow eyes, and a lean build.
Personality: Sentry was his father¹s bond, and the old wolf is fiercely protective of the cub. He seems to know when Sparrow is distressed, and can be very caustic towards the cause of that distress. He has a mind of his own and Sparrow is not often able to control him; he ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack.