Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Teri

Character Name: Mothwing
~Cub Name: Sweetbreeze
Soul Name: Uria
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Family: Newpetal (mother - deceased), Elkrattle (father - deceased), Deertrack (half-brother - missing)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Has very good eyesight, so likes to spend time exploring things from afar.  Enjoys swinging from tree to tree, and is agile enough to do it flawlessly most of the time.  Learns quickly.
Weapons/Tools: A short sword.
Tribal Duty: Scout
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Yes to both, sometimes
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Shy, Mothwing isn't the type to draw attention to herself, though she was comfortable enough with being the center of it when her family was alive.  Always seems somewhat unsteady, but is very reliable in most circumstances.  Has a quiet sense of humor.  Tends to fold under great pressure, but rallies erratically, sometimes coming through for her tribe and sometimes not; lately, she's found herself able to rally more and more often.  She always tries her best in everything she does, and is easily crushed when it doesn't work out. However, when she's done something well and people make sure she knows it, her smiles could light up the entire world.  Strong of will and very capable, but it sometimes takes her a minute to remember.
Likes/Dislikes: Quiet, being able to help out, doing things well, spending time with Twig, and being with her agemates.  Being alone, being unable to do things well.
Fears: That she's nothing without others there to support her, not having a loving family of her own one day.
Hair: Soft brown, falling in loose curls halfway down her back.  Usually wears it loose except when working, when she wraps a braid around her head to keep her bangs out of her eyes.
Eyes: Big, dark brown, and round.
Facial Features: Roundish but also rather gaunt; a small, upturned nose, big round eyes, slightly rounded and clearly defined cheeks, and a rounded chin.
Height/Build: Average height, gotten to be a bit more muscular from climbing trees, but still fairly average build.
Typical Clothing: A short, wraparound skirt with a wide belt and a slit up the front left thigh, a brief bodice with wide straps that ties in the back with the ends hanging down, short boots with the toes and heels cut out, and short gloves with the fingers and thumbs cut out.
Color Scheme: Undyed brown with dark blue to accent.
Jewelry/Decorations: A small leather pouch on a leather lace around her neck.
Special Possessions: The contents of the pouch - a lock of her mother's hair, an earring her father wore, and the scraps of leather from her half-brother's clothing.
Personal History: Raised to early adulthood by a loving family, Mothwing had all the support a cub could want but was also very protected.  Regarded as the darling of the family, she never had to face much hardship, and if she did, it was always with loving support and as much cushioning as possible.  Her mother, Newpetal, dreamed of peace for her child and was determined to provide it no matter the cost to herself.  She died not long before the tribe decided to leave the Frozen Mountains.  Though it hit hard, Mothwing was able to struggle through with the help of her father and her half-brother.  However, the two of them chose a poor target while hunting along on the journey.  They found Elkrattle's body, but no trace of his son aside from a few scraps of his leathers.  Utterly devastated, Mothwing found herself virtually unable to function without the support system she'd always had, and is still trying to find her place as her own, independent person.

Name: Twig
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rather large for his age, with paws that seem too big for him.  His coat is dark brown on his back and face, and lighter brown on his belly.
Personality: Very sweet.  The type of wolf who will very quietly situate his head in just the right position for a scratch, and will look at the targeted elf with huge pathetic eyes until he receives his scratch.  Devoted to Mothwing beyond all reason, but rather shy himself in many cases.  Not exactly skittish, but uncomfortable in any unfamiliar situation.