Hidden Winds Holt

Played by ~ Katrina

Character Name: Rainweaver
~Cub Name: Cloudtop
Soul Name: Jott
Gender: Male
Age: 119
Family: Bluegaze (mother-deceased), Hawkears (father-deceased), Deepflame (brother-missing), Snowcat (niece - alive)
Lovemates: Sweetleaf (missing), and formerly Feral
Lifemates: None
Recognized: None
Skills/Hobbies: Cubs, mostly. Also enjoys shaping rock into gifts for others.
Weapons/Tools: Strings bows, uses bows, shapes rock.
Tribal Duty: Cubsitter/Rockshaper
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering party
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Generally soft-spoken and intelligent, gentle in nature, tries to be helpful, but gets his feelings hurt rather easily. Is a very surly drunk. Has been more withdrawn since the disappearance of his brother and both his lovemates.
Likes/Dislikes: Order, peace. Chaos, not being in control of his situation, trolls.
Fears: That others dislike him, that he'll remain alone.
Hair: White, cut slightly past ears, swept back, slightly wavy.
Eyes: Dark gray, almost black.
Facial Features: Longish face, high cheekbones, rounded chin.
Height/Build: Average/Slight build, not muscular in the least.
Typical Clothing: Calf-length leather boots dyed burgundy with tan designs at the top, tan deer-skin leggings, a burgundy loincloth lined in tan fur, and a burgundy open vest reaching to mid-rib. Occasionally adds tans gloves, with burgundy scarves tied at the elbows and knees.
Color Scheme: Tan and burgundy, with trimmings of white
Jewelry/Decorations: His scarves, and a woven tan leather choker braided with burgundy and gold strips.
Special Possessions: A wide black leather belt with a quartz buckle Tallstag made in a joint effort with his mother, Bluegaze, who was also a rockshaper.
Personal History: Father died a year after Deepflame's conception, mother died when he was 9 turns. Rainweaver decided to take the responsibility of partially raising his brother, who was more of a handful than he had thought. The tribe used to get angry at Deepflame for getting himself and them into trouble, which irked Rainweaver because he didn't consider it his problem anymore. Despite his self-imposed status of unpopularity, Rainweaver landed himself two beautiful lovemates: Blaze and Sweetleaf. With the disappearance of Blaze and Sweetleaf, and of his brother Deepflame, Rainweaver has become more and more scarce, even moreso when his ancient wolfbond died on the journey to this new holt. Now that he is about as alone as an elf with a tribe can be, and now that his skills as a rockshaper are not needed as much as they were in the rockier terrain of the Frozen Mountains, Rainweaver has withdrawn very much and tends to keep to himself.

Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Appearance: N/A
Personality: N/A~ Alysa