Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Linn

Character Name: Whisper
~Cub Name: N/A
Soul Name: Elan (unrevealed)
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Family: Grayling (mother - missing), Wolfwalk (father - missing), Calmwater (grandfather - alive)
Lovemates: N/A
Lifemates: N/A
Recognized: N/A
Skills/Hobbies: Sitting quietly to observe animals without disturbing them, a tactic he also uses on elves who are doing something of interest, enjoys any sort of challenge to his mind, and likes to help out with whatever tribal duties he can.
Weapons/Tools: A sling that he has gotten rather good at using accurately, and a small knife that he's not allowed to use unless an adult is with him.
Tribal Duty: Cub
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: No
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Very quiet, preferring to send when speech is called for.  Not shy, though; he has no qualms about quietly putting himself at the center of the tribe's attention.  Curious and full of questions, but prefers to figure out the answers himself rather than rely on what someone else knows.  Sweet-tempered and kind, Whisper is the first to give condolences after a tragedy and the one most likely to hand out presents he made himself for no real reason at all other than he can and he wants to.
Likes/Dislikes: Being able to figure things out himself, riding with his grandfather, watching the hunters.  When people tell him how something works before he gets a chance to study it properly, that he's often stuck in the holt.
Fears: Nothing yet.
Hair: His grandfather's thick white-blond locks, made wavy through his mother's influence and cut short at his neck to avoid the hassle of having to deal with it.
Eyes: His mother's deep charcoal gray, big and round and clear.
Facial Features: The spitting image of his father, only younger; sharp angles and hard edges softened with youth and smiles that his father had little reason to wear.
Height/Build: Still growing, but of an average height for his age, slender and with very little baby fat remaining.
Typical Clothing: Blue pants tucked into soft tan boots, and a blue vest with a tan sunburst pattern on the back.
Color Scheme: Blue and tan
Jewelry/Decorations: An oversized pendant bearing a small but heavy gold circle carved with a wolf's head.
Special Possessions: The pendant; his father gave it to his mother and his mother gave it to him.  He never takes it off, in case they return, so that they can recognize him no matter how old he gets or how much he changes.
Personal History: Named Whisper because he never cried as a child, except when he was first born as a reflex action, and again when his parents left.  He has remained that quiet as he has matured, often so quiet that some don't realize he's right there until he moves or decides to say something.  He misses his parents, even though he scarcely knew them, and loves his grandfather most of all.  Of all the tribe, he has adapted to this new climate the best, simply because he didn't have much of a chance to get used to the ice and cold; he was only four when they left the Frozen Mountains, and that was too young for him to be allowed to venture outside.  

Name: Pebblechaser
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Appearance: Small, pudgy, and a virtual patchwork of every color possible on a wolf.
Personality: As curious as his bond, but he takes longer to learn things and so he usually ends up getting into the same sorts of trouble several times.  Devoted to Whisper and tends to panic if he's not right there, which is bad because he also tends to wander off a lot.