Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Alysa

Character Name: Calmwater
~Cub Name: Flurry
Soul Name: Chen
Gender: Male
Age: 725
Family: Two-Arrows (father - deceased), Smallhands (mother - deceased), Grayling (daughter - missing), Whisper (grandson - alive)
Lovemates: None recently
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Iceskipper (deceased)
Skills/Hobbies: Quite the accomplished weaver, through no choice of his own; can make water-tight baskets and is experimenting with finer weaves that can be used as clothing once he finds the right base material.  Is good with a bow, or at least was once, but hasn't had much occasion to try for many turns.  Adores children and gives excellent advice to anyone in need of it.  Loves music and has a beautiful voice that he won't hesitate to use whenever the mood takes him.
Weapons/Tools: He keeps his bow around, and keeps it in good condition even though he doesn't use it.  Wears a knife that doubles as protection in case he needs it and a working tool for stripping plant fibers and roots to take back to his den, where more specific tools can complete the job.  Is rarely seen without a staff with a twisted knob on one end, which he uses to get around with greater ease.
Tribal Duty: Weaver
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: No
~Wolf bonding
Personality: As his name suggests, very calm.  It takes a great deal to rile him, either in anger or excitement.  Very young at heart, with a healthy attitude towards life despite the cruel blows it's dealt him, he takes pride in the fact that most seek him out for advice, though he doesn't much appreciate how old the youngsters sometimes make him feel.  He dotes on his grandson and would protect the cub from the world and all the harm in it if he could. Overall he is distinguished, overwhelmingly kind, and devastatingly handsome - and he knows it.  Still, he is hardly vain, and for good reason; his handicap is a constant reminder to him of what he might have had and what he will most likely never have again, and that hurts more than the physical ache.
Likes/Dislikes: Cubs, music, celebrations, life.  When he can't find the right words to help someone in pain, any kind of death or injury, watching Buckthorn heal wounds as it's a slap in the face to what he has to live with.
Fears: That Whisper will grow up and away from him, leaving him utterly alone, something he dreads beyond any words.
Hair: Long to mid-back, silky-fine, and white-blond in color.  He wears a narrow headband of braided leather to keep it more or less back, though it parts in the middle and two thick locks always fall in front of his ears no matter what he does.  Is starting to grow face fur in the form of long sideburns.
Eyes: An odd shade, golden-brown, and almond-shaped.
Facial Features: An oval face with strong yet beautifully-shaped features.
Height/Build: When he stands on his own - a rarity - he stands taller than most elves in the tribe.  He is a very long elf, long of leg, long of torso and fingers, and well-muscled despite his handicap, or perhaps because of it.  
Typical Clothing: No matter how hot it is, he always wears pants and short boots, even when sleeping; he bathes in private, for he regards his wound as unfit for any eyes but his own.  Often wears a loose, short-sleeved tunic that is belted at his waist and cut into a knee-length loincloth below it.
Color Scheme: Dark brown and pale gray.
Jewelry/Decorations: Dark brown forearm guards, a small red stone strung on a narrow leather thong round his neck.
Special Possessions: The stone, which Iceskipper wore as an earring, and which was taken from her dead body.
Personal History: Calmwater was named Flurry as a child because of his constantly high level of activity, a name he kept into much of his adulthood because it fit him so well.  When he was roughly three hundred years old, a longtooth cat got past his guard and tore into his left leg, slicing through his hamstring and crushing bone, effectively crippling him in a way only the most skilled healer could fix - and the tribe had no healer at all.  His tribal role as hunter was taken from him along with his ability to walk, though he regained that in part over several turns of trying.  After that, his name became Calmwater to better suit his more subdued personality.  When he was just shy of seven hundred turns, he Recognized the much younger Iceskipper, a hardened warrior-elf who did not want to be tied down by family.  Her philosophy was that she existed to fight the trolls and die by the trolls, and she didn't want anyone to mourn her.  They decided to answer the call, keep her more or less out of battles until the cub was born, and then the cub would be raised by him while she returned to her life as a fighter.  Calmwater agreed rather reluctantly, for he'd hoped that Recognition would bring the family he'd never had before, and a mate who would not otherwise seek a cripple.  But Iceskipper was determined to follow her chosen path, and died in battle with the trolls only two weeks after the birth of their daughter.  Calmwater doted on Grayling, his pride and joy, an unusually bright cub with a careful curiosity he'd never seen in any creature before.  She was only  twenty when she Recognized the much older Wolfwalk, and lifemated to him; Calmwater felt almost betrayed by this, and then guilty beyond words when Wolfwalk went missing and Grayling left her infant son in her father's care to seek out her lifemate.  Though he misses Grayling and still fears that she has died in her search, he is almost grateful for the chance to spend more time with his grandson - but he still dreads the day when Whisper will be grown and leave him just as everyone else has.

Name: Nesthunter
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and strong, deep and broad across the chest.  Unremarkably brown.
Personality: Extremely gentle and very steady, as all of Calmwater's wolf-friends have had to be since he was injured.  He acts as the weaver's legs most of the time, and hates to be apart from his bond.  Very playful when he knows Calmwater's safe and nearby, and a natural guardian to Whisper.