Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Adoptable

Character Name: Preybird
~Cub Name: Feather
Soul Name: Kem
Gender: Male
Age: 680
Family: Blazebright (father - deceased), Warmrain (mother - deceased), Truespear (brother - deceased), Kesna (niece - alive), Nightowl (nephew - alive)
Lovemates: None of note
Lifemates: Shimmer (deceased)
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Very clear-headed; he often sees answers before others do.  Good with the sword, and with children, will often just sit and watch the tribe as if trying to convince himself that he's really no longer alone.
Weapons/Tools: A troll-forged long-bladed sword worn on his back.
Tribal Duty: Guard
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Not usually; he tends to stay and guard the holt but will occasionally join the hunters.
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Quiet in a wary sort of way, as if he's not really sure that it's his place to speak, ever.  Once he gets past that, however, he is quite friendly and personable, almost jovial.  He adores children, probably because he never had any of his own.  Deadly serious in his protection of the holt and all in it, he is the last elf you want to meet if your intent is to hurt anyone in the tribe.  Very much a Wolfrider; he dwells on the present rather than the past or future, with the exception of his dealings with his brother's children, whom he feels he has failed somehow.
Likes/Dislikes: Children, being with a tribe again, a chance to start over.  That he sometimes has a hard time living with others after being alone for so long, trolls.
Fears: That Kesna and Nightowl will blame him for leaving the tribe when he did, that this new home has trolls.
Hair: Short, black, and shaggy, hanging rebelliously over his forehead and down to brush his shoulders.
Eyes: Deep brown, almond-shaped.
Facial Features: Square in shape, with defined but level cheekbones, a strong jaw, and a nose that could best be described as bold.
Height/Build: Slightly taller than average, broad across the shoulders and chest and well-muscled.
Typical Clothing: Very simple - brown pants, knee-high boots, and a baldric.
Color Scheme: Brown; he had to make his own clothes during his years alone and didn't have the expertise to dye anything.
Jewelry/Decorations: Brown leather wrist guards.
Special Possessions: His sword, wrested from the last troll he ever killed; he views it as a much-need reminder of what he was once capable of.
Personal History: Always serious, even as a child, Preybird grew up faster than most and had little use for family of any kind.  All that changed when he fell hard and fast for Shimmer, an older female who had a way about her that he found utterly irresistable.  The decision to lifemate wasn't a hard one, and they spent many years together, hoping for Recognition, or at least children outside of it.  It wasn't to be, and Preybird almost began to resent his younger brother, who had by this time already Recognized and lifemated to Kesna's mother.  Things were made much worse when Shimmer died at the hands of trolls.  Preybird went berserk, taking every opportunity to kill trolls, even going so far as to venture into their caverns by himself in search of victims.  One day he simply didn't return and most assumed him dead.  His brother thought otherwise, but he was not to live long himself.  In truth Preybird was trying to find the kind, reasonable elf he had once been, and to rid himself of the kill-madness by taking himself away from the object of his hatred.  He considered returning but never did, afraid he would regress upon being near the trolls again.  He never thought he'd see the tribe again, but chance conspired to reunite them when Crestfallen led the tribe right through the area he'd claimed as his home.  Saddened by news of his brother's death, Preybird felt nothing but guilt when he learned Kesna had to raise Nightowl herself after the death of her parents when she herself was still young enough to need them.  Fearing her anger, he has been tentative in his attempts to re-establish some kind of relationship with the only family he has left.

Name: Quickflit
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Small and slender, Quickflit is built more like a fox than a wolf, with a long body and ears that are too big for her sharply angled head.  Her coat is pale gray.
Personality: Hyperactive to the extreme.  True to her name, she is always on the move, flitting all over the place and then back again to make sure Preybird shares in her constant discoveries.  Currently very low in the pack because she was not born of it, but she doesn't seem to care.