Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Annika

Character Name: Evenfall
~Cub Name: Shycub
Soul Name: Nemi
Gender: Female
Age: 414
Family: Sunflash (father - deceased), Dusksong (mother - deceased), Dawn (sister - deceased), Selva (niece - deceased)
Lovemates: None lately
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: One of the most skilled trackers the tribe has ever seen, excellent with her chosen weapon, and occasionally enjoys helping the tanners with their leathers.  Also enjoys teaching and the chance to let her hair down - literally and figuratively - during a celebration.
Weapons/Tools: A spear with a troll-forged head, a long dagger.
Tribal Duty: Tracker
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Almost always composed, displays of strong emotion from Evenfall are rare but not unheard of. Friendly, but unwittingly intimidating to some, which she does her best to stop once she realizes it.  Devoted to her duty and extremely loyal to her chieftess, so Crestfallen's loss of the lock was a hard blow for her.  Selfless in almost all ways; she would gladly give her life if it would save the life of another.  She has strong opinions, and one always knows where she stands.  Can get downright mean if anyone brings up her youthful struggle with her looks, a period of her life she regards as foolish and which she'd much rather everyone forget.  Loses all inhibitions when under the influence of dreamberries, for which she has a liking but very little tolerance; she becomes a shameless flirt who will do anything for a laugh, even ridicule herself. Of course, she denies this once sober, but always with a sparkle in her eye and a hint of a smile on her lips.  Her sense of humor is very dry, and she will often offer up a deadpan witticism at just the wrong (or right, depending on the point of view) time.
Likes/Dislikes: A good hunt, howls, dreamberries, a good laugh, passing her skills on to younger elves.  Being teased about her past, when someone challenges Crestfallen and most of all when Crestfallen has an opinion that differs from her own.
Fears: Very little, except perhaps that she will again fall back on one of the two extremes she once used to cope with her physical self.
Hair: Waist-length, straight, and the deepest black possible, usually pulled into a high topknot that makes her widow's peak even more pronounced.
Eyes: Blue-gray, like the sky at dusk, and slanted upwards, they are always clear and focused and often carry a sparkle of amusement that rarely shows on her carefully-controlled face.
Facial Features: Her face is a delicate heart shape, with a pointed chin, high cheekbones, and a narrow nose.
Height/Build: Taller than average, and exactly in the middle between curvaceous and slender.  Long of leg and leanly muscled, Evenfall is the picture of elegance.
Typical Clothing: A short-sleeved dark blue bodice trimmed in black, all sharp angles and straight lines, much like the similarly-colored pants.  Her black boots are knee-high and peak in a sharp point in front, dipping in an inverse design in the back.  Wears a wide belt low on her hips from which her dagger hangs.
Color Scheme: Dark blue and black.
Jewelry/Decorations: A leather choker from which hangs a small blue stone, small circular silver earrings, and blue forearm guards with black trim.
Special Possessions: Only the spear.
Personal History: As a cub, Shycub stood out whether she wanted to or not.  Always taller than any other cub, even those older than she, and ungainly in build and movement, she stayed well out of the center of attention.  Upon reaching maturity, however, all the traits that made her incongruous as a child made her remarkably beautiful as an adult, and for a while she thrived on the praise and the knowledge that she was beautiful.  A fatal blow to that pride came when Brownwolf, then hunt leader, threw her out of the hunting party because she cared more for her looks than her duty to the tribe.  Cutting her hair, donning the most unattractive clothes she could find, and spurning all her admirers, she dedicated herself thereafter to winning back Brownwolf's respect and her place in the tribe, which she eventually did.  She would have stayed as unattractive as she could make herself if not for her sister, Dawn, who convinced her that she didn't have to be ugly to be a good tracker.  Finding a happy medium, Evenfall has also found peace within herself and is one of the most professional elves in the tribe. The death of her sister and Dawn's lifemate touched her deeply, but she didn't dwell on it, instead doing everything she could to ease her niece's pain at the loss of her parents.  Things have soured for Evenfall lately, given the unexpected and unwelcome switch in leaders, and shortly after the tragic death of Selva, who expended the last of her plantshaping powers along with her life to erect the holt-protecting wall in good time.  However, she is slowly starting to trust that Flaretalon could be a good chief, and has placed her loyalty with him.

Name: Rustfang
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Red-brown coat, very short and heavily muscled; she is not an attractive wolf, made all the more unattractive by the long scar that cost her her left eye and most of her left ear.
Personality: Standoffish in a wary sort of way.  She was the only surviving cub of a litter produced by a female that was not the chieftess wolf, and spent most of her cubhood and young adulthood fighting her way out the low wolf position she was immediately thrown into.  She now stands in the middle of the pack.  Rustfang adores Evenfall beyond all reason, and is adored in return.