Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Adoptable

Character Name: Willowbrake
~Cub Name: Willow
Soul Name: Ghis
Gender: Female
Age: 548
Family: Whitebark (mother-deceased), Hookclaw (father- deceased), Woodchip (son- deceased), Risk (cousin - alive)
Lovemates: None currently
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Flamesky (deceased)
Skills/Hobbies: She has an excellent memory, a good imagination, and (of course) enjoys making up stories and telling them.
Weapons/Tools: A short sword, almost never used and very rarely carried with her.
Tribal Duty: Howlkeeper
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering, if they need her
Personality: Very settled. She has lived a very long and full life and has no regrets. It takes a lot to surprise her. Her wolf-blood doesn't run very strong, which is why her memory is so good, but she came to terms with this long ago.
Likes/Dislikes: Telling stories, dancing, singing, adores cubs. The fact that sometimes she can't relate to the others due to her lack of strong wolf-blood.
Fears: Loss of the ability to communicate.
Hair: Shoulder-length, slightly wavy, golden in color, held off her forehead by a headband and otherwise left loose.
Eyes: Bright green, slightly slanted.
Facial Features: Oval face, slightly upturned nose, defined cheekbones.
Height/Build: Taller than most females, curvy but not overly so.
Typical Clothing: A dark green short sleeved tunic, thigh-length with a v-neck and ragged hems. White leggings, and green and white ankle-high boots.
Color Scheme: Green and white.
Jewelry/Decorations: A headband of white leather with a tuft of white fur hanging in front of her left ear.
Special Possessions: The tuft of fur is from her son Woodchip's first kill. Other than that, she carries things dear to her in her memory.
Personal History: Everyone knew she would become the storyteller of WhiteWolf when she was a cub and began to perfectly recite stories that she had only heard a few times. Her gift for making stories up surfaced later. She Recognized the cold hunter Flamesky at an early age, but didn't become his lifemate; their dislike for each other was simply too strong. Her son, Woodchip, took after his father too much for her to ever grow close to him. She grieved for them when they both died at the hands of trolls, but her grief wasn't great enough to make a lasting impression on her life.

Name: Sunbask
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: White-gray, not very strong but with long legs.
Personality: Loves the sun and being warm. A bit of a loner, and will lay in the sun all day if you let her.