Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Michelle

Character Name: Brightclaw
~Cub Name: Thicket
Soul Name: Elnm
Gender: Female
Age: 126
Family: Songstress (mother; deceased), Darkriver (father; deseased) Shadowspark (soul sister)
Lovemates: Shadowspark
Lifemates: Shadowspark
Recognized: None
Skills/Hobbies: Spending time with Shadowspark, laughing, running, getting herself into mischief, anything thatís fun.
Weapons/Tools: Sword
Tribal Duty: Holt Guard
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting party
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Overall, Brightclaw is sweet and calm-natured and very friendly. Unlike some other wolfriders, the bloodsong does not make her get rough. Itís only when a loved one is in danger that Brightclaw can get rough and do whatever it takes to protect the loved ones.
Likes: Quiet time to think, ample time to spend with Shadowspark, and swimming
Dislikes: When people she loves are in pain or sad
Fears: Losing those she loves
Hair: Thick, slightly wavy, dark brown. It falls just below her shoulders.
Eyes: Aquamarine
Facial Features: Round face, full llips, small nose, and a dimple in her left check when she smiles.
Height/Build:Tall for an elfess, and trim but muscular.
Typical Clothing: Long, dark brown pants laced up the sides, and a sleeveless green tunic.
Color Scheme: Dark brown and green
Jewelry/Decorations: A necklace and a bracelet
Special Possessions: A necklace given to her by her mother, and a bracelet given to her by Shadowspark.
Personal History: As a cub, Brightclaw, then called Thicket, was shy and quiet. Her father was killed in a hunting accident and she grew very close to her mother. When she was 57 her mother died and she was thrown into a state of deep sadness. That state was finally broken when Thicket lovemated with Shadowspark. Some time later, they lifemated, and Thicket wanted to give Shadowspark something special, so she went and hunted a snowcat. Thicket killed the snowcat but not before it left shallow claw marks in her chest, along with a claw. That was the day that Thicket changed her name to Brightclaw. Some time after that, she and Shadowspark became soul siblings.

Name: Snowfall
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: White coat with blue eyes
Personality: Protective of Brightclaw and those she loves, affectionate, and seems to sense the mood and responds appropriately by either being playful or being quiet and well-behaved.