Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Joy

Character Name: Shadowspark
~Cub Name: Graypine
Soul Name: Dione
Gender: Female
Age: 88
Family: Sunshy (mother, deceased), Moss (father, deceased), Brightclaw (soul sister)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: Brightclaw
Recognized: None
Skills/Hobbies: Laughing, playing, singing, climbing in and exploring trees
Weapons/Tools: A short sword when hunting at close range.
Tribal Duty: Hunter
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Yep
Personality: A bit shy when she first meets someone, but quite mischievous when she wishes to be and full of energy almost always. Enjoys hunting, but she doesn't lose herself in it.
Likes/Dislikes: Singing, playing with cubs. Arguments, having nothing to do.
Fears: Losing those close to her
Hair: Waist length dark brown-golden hair, full of curls, so it almost never stays under control.
Eyes: Dark brown eyes with thick lashes.
Facial Features: Her face is somewhat like that of a pixie, small and petite with a small nose, small firm lips, high cheekbones, and round eyes.
Height/Build: She's rather short and has to stand on her tiptoes to look others in the eyes. She's slim, but not frail, and muscular, but not overweight.
Typical Clothing: A blue cropped shirt, with one side short sleeved and the other side with a shoulder-strap. Close-fitting dark green pants that flare at the bottom, and black boots.
Color Scheme: Blue, green, and black.
Jewelry/Decorations: Has a headband on that has a smooth oval stone attached in the center, hanging down between her eyebrows. She also wears 2 and 3 earrings in the left and right ear, and a necklace Brightclaw made for her.
Special Possessions: Her family and the memories she has of her mother and father before dying are the most precious to her. She also keeps the pelts of the wolf friends she has lost.
Personal History: Born on a cold winter day, the tribe was not surprised when Sunshy and Moss's only child was called Graypine, for that was how the day was. She had a pretty normal life as a cub, getting into scrapes and bumps like any pup. It wasn't long before this elfess bonded with her first wolf, Wren, a female cubling. The two appeared as though they could never separate, and to see their child finally busy with something other than wreaking havoc pleased both mother and father greatly. But when Wren mysteriously died at only ten turns of age, they saw the life drain from their child's eyes forever. It was then that Shadowspark went off on her soul search, coming back with her soul name, a new name for herself, and a new bondmate, Jackal, a male wolf cub. And so things for her seemed complete. The death of both her parents and her wolf-friend to the trolls sent shock through her, as tragedy struck her once again. She mourned for many days and nights, only to be snapped out of it by Brightclaw. Turns later, she finally allowed another wolf into her life, and Rangerfell has been with her since. Brightclaw and Shadowspark later lifemated, a time which brought great joy. To their further happiness, they later discovered they were soul sisters, and now feel that nothing could bring them closer than they are now.

Name: Rangerfell
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark tan throughout his body, with a lighter tan "mask" over his face and markings on the bottoms of his paws. Missing the tip of his left ear.
Personality: Rough and tumble, rarely serious. Enjoys hunting as much as his bondmate. He also enjoys playing with the cubs and other wolves.