Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Julia

Character Name: Sharpstar
~Cub Name: Sweetsky
Soul Name: Tylen
Gender: Female
Age: 237
Family: Shadowpool (mother - deceased), Icespear (father - deceased)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: Tallstag
Recognized: Tallstag
Skills/Hobbies: Tanning and sewing, plenty of beadwork, dancing, a little singing.
Weapons/Tools: Her spear, various tools used in tanning; knives and scrapers, stretchers.
Tribal Duty: Tanner
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Yes.
Personality: Generally quiet and unobtrusive, gently teasing at times. She has a pretty solid core in her, though, and will be a tough fighter when need be. She gets hurt easily, and tends to withdraw from whatever injured her feelings.
Likes/Dislikes: Dancing, cubs, starry nights, tanning and very seldom, singing. Bullies, disharmony in the tribe, people who hurt cubs.
Fears: Enclosed spaces, her cubs or Tallstag being hurt.
Hair: Curly and silver, reaches her mid-back.
Eyes: Deep blue-green, flecked with gold. Slanted slightly.
Facial Features: Slightly round, with a pointed chin and soft mouth. A rather motherly look.
Height/Build: 3'1" Soft curves, but wiry muscles.
Typical Clothing: Knee length blue 'dress-shirt', occationally light leggings, foot wraps when necessary.
Color Scheme: Night blue, pale grey and silver.
Jewelry/Decorations: One silver hoop in left ear. Also an armband.
Special Possessions: Her tools
Personal History: Her cub name was Sweetsky for her gentle manner and seeming obsession with the night sky. Mostly due to her father's strict influences, her attitudes matured early and quickly, and she became known as Sharpstar at the age of twenty-five turns. When out on a hunting expedition alone, Sharpstar burned her hands badly and refused to let them be healed. She lived with the scars and pain as a reminder for her mistakes until about twelve turns ago when she and Tallstag's relationship of teasing and childish bickering turned into Recognition under some very traumatic circumstances. Sharpstar had twin boys, Piper and Wasp...and everything seemed to be going well in her life. She was happy and more lighthearted then ever before. She and Tallstag began arguing again, some time after the cubs began to grow up a little, and during the trip to the new holt, she disappeared...to be on her own for a time. Now, she feels it is time to finally head home, a new understanding and maturity in her soul.

Name: Mooneyes
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Smoky grey with a paler underbelly and tail-tip. There is a white blaze up the left side of her muzzle, and on that side her eye is blue. The other eyes is amber.
Personality: A bit of a fuddy-duddy, but still loves to play and hasn't grown grumpy yet, though she is on the older side.