Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Linda

Character Name: Wasp
~Cub Name: None
Soul Name: Ajenne
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Family: Tallstag (father, alive), Sharpstar (mother, missing), Piper (twin-brother, alive)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: Making mischief, getting into troubles, spending time with his parents, twin brother, and the wolves, trying to figure out how to make brightmetal weapons without the use of metalshaping abilities.
Weapons/Tools: An odd little quartz dagger given to him by his father, learning to use a sword
Tribal Duty: Cub
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: None yet, wants to be in the Hunting Party
~Wolf bonding (strong)
Personality: Very calm on the outside, almost always has a blank look on his face. However, in his inexpert sendings, his emotions lie open for all. Has a high concentration of wolf blood and he always was completely devoted to his mother (something of a mama's boy). Now, he's pulling himself loose. Also takes great pleasure in causing his younger twin brother, Piper, pain, especially when he's bored. He always wants to know everything, he's very curious. And he loves to show his skills to the younger elves. He's also humoristic, and because the blank look on his face, sometimes it's difficult to see if he's serious or not.
Likes/Dislikes: Taking things apart, putting them together, shows great interest in metal and sharp things, showing his skills to the younger ones and especially to the girls, annoying his brother.  When his brother annoys him, when someone's criticizing what he does with metals.
Fears: His mother leaving. He's still relying on his mother a bit too much.
Hair: Mostly straight, blond, normally flopped over and messy as to obscure his eyes
Eyes: Blue-green, like his mother's
Facial Features: Oval face, like his mother's, his father's hooked nose. His lips are sometimes curled into a smile that promises no good.
Height/Build: 2 ft, but still growing
Clothes: He wears a yellow and black cap, a yellow shirt without sleeves, with a black motif. Black pants, also with a black motif at the hems, which reach his knees. He wears black boots, that reach his ankles
Color Scheme: Yellow and black
Jewelry/Decorations: A golden ring around his neck
Special Possessions: None
Personal History: Raised his first 2 years away from the holt, Wasp has taken to mischief-making with the other cubs, and attempting to make Piper's life miserable. The rest of the tribe accepts him, but most are slightly wary of his interest in troll-made weaponry. He tries to make his own sword now. He's getting interested in the Holt's girls more and more since leaving the old lodge.  When his mother went missing, he grieved but is trying to get over it.

Name: Pointer
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dull gray, white at the tips of his tail, paws and muzzle
Personality: Loyal, overalert and worried, always on guard, ears always up, always looking to make sure no one's in a position to get hurt. The type of wolf that would jump into a stream because he thought his bond was drowning.