Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Katrina

Character Name: Tallstag
Previous Name: Pure Raven
~Cub Name: Darkrain
Soul Name: Hyne
Gender: Male
Age: 816
Family: Gentlefear (mother-deceased), Greenspan (father-deceased), Piper and Wasp (sons-alive)
Lovemates: Bluegaze (deceased), Hawkears (deceased)
Lifemates: Sharpstar (missing)
Recognized: Sharpstar (missing)
Skills/Hobbies: Braiding things, and his tanning.
Weapons/Tools: Hawkears' spear, Bluegaze's scraping rock.
Tribal Duty: Tanner
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Gathering party
~Wolf Bonding
Personality: Outgoing, boisterous and gruff on the outside, but kinda fragile and guilt-ridden on the inside. An elder, but a cub at heart. Likes to joke and prod and banter, perhaps to cover the fact that he misses Sharpstar.
Likes/Dislikes: Wolves, winter, hair, tanning furs, tumbling IN the furs, and just fur in general. People butting into his business, trolls, summer, and lack of work.
Fears: The deaths of people close to him, dying, his mama.
Hair: Jet black, wavy, but cut too short to notice in a blasted-back hairstyle.
Eyes: Pthalo green, almond-shaped, kinda squinty.
Facial Features: Very square face, strong, rectangular jaw, nose slightly hooked, and face fur in a tri-point goatee with no mustache. Slightly tan.
Height/Build: About four and a half feet tall. One of the tallest elves in the tribe. Muscular, but not too hulking.
Clothing: Normally, in response to the new muggy climate, Tallstag traipses around in a brown loincloth held around his waist by a black belt with a gold buckle.  If needed, he wears brown or black trousers, and knee-high black boots.  Occasionally, he'll don a shag-cut brown vest that ends in the middle of his back.  He also has another brown vest that ends just past his calves.  In the winter, he just adds sleeves to everything, or gets out his old hooded shirt.
Color Scheme: Brown, black and gold.
Jewelry/Decorations: None
Special Possessions: Bear-tooth earrings Bluegaze made for him, Hawkears' spear, scraping rock Bluegaze shaped for him, and a string of beads on his boots Sharpstar made for him.
Personal History: Tallstag's mama, Gentlefear, threw his soul name around like a toy when he was young.  She used it to taunt him when he did something she disapproved of, and even had him lifemate a fellow tribemate without his consent.  After the death of his mother, his father, Greenspan - holt man-slut and tanner - trained his son to follow in his footsteps, and young Tallstag, then Pure Raven, grew to be one of the best (tanners, that is). His social life boomed - he would tumble in the furs with anyone who showed even the slightest interest in him, but he would never ever commit to a lifemating on account of the scars his mother wrought.  It took him 700 years to find his soul name on his own, and after that, it took his former lovemates' - Rainweaver's parents - dying breaths to wrench it from him.  One hundred-ish years later, he recognized Sharpstar, the other tanner in the holt, and they had twin boys - Piper and Wasp.  Tallstag's relationship with Sharpstar prior to their recognition had been rather unfriendly and teasing in a shy sort of way, and since the recognition, they had been acting all happy-ending lovey-dovey, everything's fine.

Name: Gorgeous
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown-based coat, goldish muzzle and paws. Tall and lean, slightly big paws and large tail, which make her very clumsy.
Personality: Giggly, docile and shy. Slightly ashamed of her clumsiness, but very affectionate.