Hidden Winds Holt

Played by ~ Kelly

Character Name: Trill
~Cub Name: Song
Soul Name: Saya
Gender: Female
Age: 99
Family: Blacksage (father - deceased), Gentlebreeze (mother - deceased), Root (son - alive)
Lovemates: Flaretalon, sort of
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Nightowl
Skills/Hobbies: Getting into trouble without meaning to, one of the swiftest elves in the tribe, enjoys nearly all aspects of life and tries not to get herself stuck in a rut with any one of these aspects.
Weapons/Tools: Short bow, a slender, long-bladed knife she wears strapped to her thigh, and her sling which she rarely uses anymore, despite its constant presence at her belt.
Tribal Duty: Huntress, gatherer
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Yes to both
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Free in nearly every way; free from worries and cares and fears, Trill truly lives in the Now.  Only a few things can pull her out of the moment, Flaretalon being foremost among them; she cares for him deeply, but does not love him in the traditional sense.  Delights in playing matchmaker to elves who are too stubborn or shy to admit their feelings, but seems rather detached and oblivious when it comes to her own love life.  Stubborn in her beliefs, but Trill is not the kind to keep holding on when she's wrong.  However, this stubbornness gets her into a great deal of trouble.  Historically, she was one to butt heads with Crestfallen, whom she considered too harsh and uptight at times; she would often disobey orders she found unreasonable.  Now that Flaretalon is chief, however - something she's not sure she'll ever get used to - she wavers between treating him as she always has and kowtowing to him to avoid giving offense to her oldest and dearest friend.  Though her general manner is one of sweet joy, she's not an elf you want to anger; she can carry a grudge if she so chooses and is as fierce in the battle as any wild beast.
Likes/Dislikes: Anything new or interesting, having fun however she can, dancing and song, and her best friends to share it all with.  How often she gets into trouble for doing things she doesn't think are wrong, elves that are uptight, strict, or don't know how to have a good time.
Fears: While not consciously afraid of much, she does fear the of loss of freedom.
Hair: Dark gold hair, wavy and cropped short at the nape of her neck.  The thick waves fall carelessly over her forehead in a manner that is mildly irritating, and she occasionally wears a headband to keep her hair out of her eyes.
Eyes: Large and almond-shaped, bright green that sparkle with an inner joy.
Facial Features: Fine-boned and delicate in appearance, Trill's face is angular, every feature perfectly in proportion.
Height/Build: Shorter than average, long-legged and slender, not at all curvy but rather built for swiftness in every movement.
Typical Clothing: A triangular, rough-edged loincloth, a brief, sleeveless bodice with laces that criss-cross at her chest and wide straps at her shoulders, knee-high boots that turn down at the top, and a belt of braided leather tied loosely at her waist with the ends dangling to her knee.
Color Scheme: Tan, usually trimmed with darker brown, and pale green.
Jewelry/Decorations: A wrist guard on her left wrist.
Special Possessions: Her sling, which she has had since she was five and which was the first weapon she ever learned to use.  It is the only part of her past she is reluctant to part with, and not even she knows quite why.
Personal History: Trill's parents died when she was an infant, too young to remember them.  Since her mother and Talon's had been best friends, and because she and Talon were almost exactly of an age, Wildbloom and Pathfinder took her in and raised her as their own alongside their son.  The two cubs grew up together, and grew together, testing all types of relationships until they found the one that suited them best - close friends.  When Flaretalon's parents died, Trill mourned with him, not only for the loss of the two who raised her but also for the loss of some of Flaretalon's youthful innocence that had made him more than a match for her when they were younger.  However, it was never in Trill to dwell on anything for long.  When Crestfallen suggested leaving their cold home in search of some place more hospitable, Trill was quick to agree, for she was curious as to what lay beyond the snow.  This new home is all she had hoped for, and though the switch in leadership threw her for a loop, she landed on her feet and stands with her chief.  She did not land so surely after her Recognition to her dear friend Nightowl, for becoming a mother signifies the loss of the freedom she holds higher than any possession.

Name: Gust
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and long-legged, he remains skinny no matter how much he eats.  His coat is all shades of gray, but never white or black, and his left ear flops over unless it's perked up.
Personality: Unsure of just about everything, Gust is rather skittish and prone to spooking at the least unusual thing.  He loves Trill to pieces, and would do anything for her, even defy his rank as one of the lowest wolves in the pack.