Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Sasha

Character Name: Nightowl
~Cub Name: N/A
Soul Name: Sahr
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Family: Swiftrobin (mother-deceased), Truespear (father-deceased), Kesna (sister-alive), Root (son - alive)
Lovemates: None yet, but has always had a friendly crush on Trill.
Lifemates: None
Recognized: Trill
Skills/Hobbies: Tracking and perfecting his mark, stargazing above the canopy, and is perhaps the swiftest runner in the holt.
Weapons/Tools: A small dagger and spear. When hunting, he prefers a bow and arrow.
Tribal Duty: Hunter and tracker
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting
~Wolf Bonding
Personality: He lives each day to the fullest, much like Kesna. From the time he was a cub, he had always seemed so much older than most other cubs his age. He can be as playful as a wolf pup, or as shy as a fawn depending on the circumstances.
Likes/Dislikes: Training with sister Kesna, swimming and stargazing.  Trolls.
Fears: Disappointing Kesna.
Hair: A light brown. It frames his jaw line and is straight.
Eyes: Very bright green. Kesna had always said that they seem to house a very old soul.
Facial Features: Straight nose, high cheekbones though they are not prominent. A semi-sharp chin, and has become quite the looker over the years.
Height/Build: Taller than his sister and is lean; his body is toned just right due to his love of running.
Typical Clothing: A deep red vest that hangs open and gray pants tucked into brown boots. Because he has an owl as a pet, he wears a thick brown leather glove on his left arm. Heís mostly seen swinging around in just a brown leather loincloth.
Color Scheme: Deep red and gray.
Jewelry/Decorations: A thin silver chocker, armband around his right bicep, two silver hoops on his right ear; one high and the other low.
Special Possessions: A wood block carved by Truespear that tells the story of a how he had outwitted a troll and won his blade.
Personal History: Nightowl never knew his parents as they died on the night of his birth. He has always idolized his sisterís strength and so much more and hopes that some day, she will tell him that she sees their father in him. He received his name the night of his birth when looking into her brotherís eyes reminded Kesna of an owl just as one hooted off in the winter night. He strives for perfection and trained hard all his life to hunt along side his tribe and sister but unwinding with his close knit group of friends is always welcome therapy.

Name: Mantracker
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Smoky gray
Personality: A very rough and playful wolf who mirrors his elf friend in every way.  Alpha male.