Hidden Winds Holt


Played by ~ Sasha

Character Name: Kesna
~Cub Name: Sundown
Soul Name: Aeri
Gender: Female
Age: 104
Family: Swiftrobin (mother-deceased), Truespear (father-deceased), Nightowl (brother), Preybird (uncle - alive), Root (nephew - alive)
Lovemates: None
Lifemates: None
Recognized: No
Skills/Hobbies: She is a skilled huntress and tracker and has trained in hand to hand combat. Kesna tends to track her game and linger silently a safe distance away before releasing an arrow or casting her spear. Her voice isn’t half bad for singing either!
Weapons/Tools: For the battles that once were a constant thing in the frozen mountains, Kesna wielded a blade but that has remained sheathed since. Hunting, she will use either spear or arrows depending on the scenario and game. But, she has also been known to use her dagger alone as well (she likes to creep up on her prey).
Tribal Duty: Hunt leader
Hunting Party/Gathering Party: Hunting
~Wolf bonding
Personality: Kesna’s rough nature can often be misleading of her compassion and loyalty to tribe and close friends. She carries herself with new poise since being named the tribe’s Hunt Leader though it is not vain or arrogant. This responsibility is great and Kesna is not one to let the entire tribe down, or give the Chief reason to rethink his decision. Still, despite her seriousness in her duties, she loves a good laugh as much as she loves life itself.
Likes/Dislikes: A strong buzz from dreamberry wine, watching her brother grow into adulthood, and a good hunt. She dislikes a lazy elf who does not contribute and takes credit for the work others have done.
Fears: Naturally, the loss of her brother is one of Kesna’s greatest fears though the loss of tribe would be catastrophic as well.
Hair: Bright orange, reaching mid-back, and very curly during times of high humidity and wavy naturally. She usually has it braided in two or the locks that frame her face bound with silver clasps over her chest. But if her hair is in her way enough to set off her hot temper, she’ll knot it at the back of her head.
Eyes: Very pale blue, almost white.
Facial Features: She has a scar beneath her left eye that reaches her jaw, but her face is still very delicate and beautiful though she can be self-conscious about it sometimes.
Height/Build: Close to average in height though other maidens are still taller than she is. She has a finely toned physique that is not too “hard” or “soft” acquired over the years for the sake of survival. She lacks in the rounder feminine curves and fuller bust, but that’s something that she could care less about.
Typical Clothing: Dark green halter top that crosses left over right and ties in the back with short shorts of the same color; very skimpy not for show but for easy movement through the trees and swiftness on the ground. She is always barefoot but wraps her ankles and wrists in brown leather strips.
Color Scheme: Dark green and various colors to accent.
Jewelry/Decorations: Two gold hoops in each ear and a gold necklace, adorned with a peridot in the shape of triangle.
Special Possessions: Her father’s troll made blade that she has brought along from White Wolf.
Personal History: Kesna lost both her parents in the same night; Truespear to a human barbarian and Swiftrobin to childbirth. The scar that she bears upon her face was received when she sought out the same human who had killed her father and murdered him without mercy. Her unique name, a human word that struck fear into the human’s heart as he screamed it repeatedly, has a meaning that is still unknown to her but she keeps it regardless. She returned to White Wolf with a new name, and new tribemate in her arms and to find that her father’s brother Preybird had gone missing. Alone, she raised Nightowl and he is her greatest joy. She waits eagerly to see the kind of cub that he and Trill will raise.

Name: Firstsnow
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Appearance: Snowy-white fur and eyes much like Kesna's.
Personality: Very loving and playful. She remains loyal to both Kesna and even Nightowl.