Hidden Winds Holt

Flora and Fauna


Giant Whisker Fish (catfish) - The Whisker Fish, so named for the long whiskers that line its face, is one of the largest fish in the fast-moving river near the holt. Weighing in at well over 450 pounds and 9 ft in length, they are hunted with a large woven net and spears, and with the whole tribe working together. Their meat is tangy to the taste and flaky to the touch. Mostly bottom feeders, one will supply the holt with enough meat for a couple of moon turns. Their skin is tough and water resitant, used mostly for waterproof clothing - boots and waterskins.

Stingtail Fish (stingrays) - These flat fish stay, like the Whisker Fish, close to the bottom of the rushing river. Their tails have a sting to them that when stepped on, causes the victim to lose feeling in the part that was struck. No healer can heal the injury because the poison works too fast. The injured elf will lose the feeling in the area for at least two to three days.The fish is not able to be eaten; it has a terrible taste.

Longtooth Cat and Other Large Cats -This cat is one of the most deadly predators. It stalks by the blood smell of the elves’ kills, and can sneak up on you before you know it is there. Its hide is sought after by the elves because of its striking orange and black coloring. It is 3 feet high and 4-5 feet long, and weighs over 440 pounds. It's teeth are up to 7 inches long and deadly sharp. The meat is considered a delicacy.
Other cats include the black longtooth, jaguars, bobtails, and smaller versions of the large cats. Even though they are smaller, they are just as deadly.

Ravvit - Rabbit, only spelled funky.

Small Animals - There are all sorts of mice, rats, ferrets, weasels, stoats, mink, weasels, badgers, otters, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, monkeys, lizards, snakes, spiders, insects, etc.   You name it, we got it.

Spirit-Maker - A tiny poisonous spider that navigates by leaping from place to place. It is aggressive and highly deadly; it often does not leave its victim time to even acknowledge what has happened before they suffer respiratory distress. Luckily these spiders are rare.  They like dark places.

White Stripe - What we call a skunk.

Birds - Eagles, hawks, multi-colored birds such as macaws and peacocks, as well as flamingos, and a hundred other types of birds the elves have never seen before.

Wolves - There are both Wolfrider wolves (who have some elf blood) and "true wolves" in Hidden Winds Holt. There usually isn't too much conflict between the wolfpacks since they keep to their own territories. It is more difficult to communicate with a "true wolf" than a Wolfrider wolf, and they are not as trustworthy.

Stripecoats - Deer-like animals.  Commonly hunted for food and for the unique and highly-prized coat.


Fruit and Berries - A fine assortment of blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, holly berries, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, watermelons, honeydew, and figs.

Glow Moss - This lichen is found deep in the forest where the trees grow so close together that they create a great, black canopy high above the ground. It is a white-colored plant that grows upon the rocks and fallen trees of the woods. At night it glows an eerie pale green and is gathered and used by the wolfriders when they don't want to be burdened by fire or when fire isn't able to be used as a light source.

Moon Flowers - Large, pale blue flowers that grow in clusters upon the many meadows surrounding the Holt. They have been known to have an aphrodisiac-like and hallucinogenic effect when dried and ingested as a tea. They only blossom at night and close up during the day.

Puckernut Trees - Large trees that produce a sour-tasting prickle-covered nut that grows in pairs. Step on one of these guys and learn why the Wolfriders use this tree's name as profanity!

Red Caps - A highly toxic mushroom that is delicious! It has a pleasing scent and has been known to have been the cause of death for more than one wolf pup and elf cub. These white-stalked and red-topped fungi grow after heavy rains only and thrive on rotting wood. Once ingested it usually takes about six or seven hours before the effects show up. Eating this mushroom leads to intense vomiting and liver failure; often once this occurs it is too late to be healed. Death is almost guaranteed. Luckily those who eat the mushrooms have a distinct sweet smell on their breath. If dried out and left to age for a moon turn, they make a delicious and harmless treat.

Strangle Weed - Related to Prickle Weed, this vine-like plant comes alive on contact. It is a carnivorous plant capable of eating full grown ravvits and anything else of that size unfortunate enough to fall prey to its vines! It grows wild around the more dense areas of the Holt and is a opportunist. Once provoked it quickly coils around its "prey" and begins to squeeze.

Whistling Leaves - A small green plant with holes in the leaves that is very rare and hard to find. They usually grow close to the water and have amazing healing qualities for a variety of ailments. If you have a sour stomach and don't want to be healed, these are the thing to do the trick!

Wildflowers - An odds-and-ends assortment of flowers growing through the Holt and its many clearings. Think of a flower and it's probably growing there!

And, of course...
Dreamberries - While not native to the area, the elves brought seeds with them and already bushes have begun to spring up of their own accord.