Hidden Winds Holt

Chiefs of the Past

Chieftess Ice (Tir)
Physical Description: Calf-length silver-white hair, ice-blue eyes, a tower of sleek muscles, and a wicked grin defined the first chieftess of the tribe.
Personality: A fierce warrior, Ice led her tribe away from the human-infested south in search of a new home.  Her leadership and passion sustained her tribe through the hard beginnings of the troll wars, and onto the eventual small victory that garnered enough respect from the trolls to allow the tribe to claim this land as their WhiteWolf Holt.Though of a short temper when it came to trolls or humans, Ice cared for her tribe like a mother-wolf, and bound their spirits together in fight, play, and love.
Cause of Death: Killed in one of the many skirmishes with the trolls that occured frequently during the earliest years of the holt.
Age: 962
Recognized: Jet
Family: grandfather; Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, son; Hawk
Weapon: A double-edged brightmetal sword taken as a trophy from one of the first troll battles.
Prominent Wolf-friend: Snowtreader

Chief Hawk (Lenok)
Physical Description: His fatherís jet-black shoulder-length hair, narrow light-green eyes, and square chin, stockier muscles in arms and legs, with a small waist.
Personality: More of a lover than a fighter, Hawk preferred to spend his time in the warmth of lodge and furs than engaged in endless battle on the frozen tundra. When his mother was killed, however, the wrath of his vengeance was something the trolls would not soon forget.
Cause of Death: Hawk had developed a love-hate relationship with the largest black bear the tribe had ever seen, and had spent turns tracking him, just waiting for the right moment to attack. But when that moment came, the bear overpowered him. Both died locked arm-to-arm in combat.
Age: 539
Recognized: Greenleaf
Family: son; Riverrush
Weapon: He inherited his mother's double edged brightmetal sword taken as a trophy from one of the first troll battles.
Prominent Wolf-friend: Tuskbiter

Chief Riverrush (Naeif)
Physical Description: Ruddy brown hair held back with a head band, turquoise blue lupine eyes, of a thinner build, but with broad shoulder and hidden strength, some rock-shaping magic from his mother's side.
Personality: With as many lovemates in the furs as battle scars across his body, Riverrush taught the tribe how to truly live in the sweetness of the now. Though the tribe's life was hard in his time, as the trolls had gotten over their fear of elves, his pranks and jovial passionate nature kept the spirits of his tribe high.
Cause of Death: When the wasting sickness came upon him in his later years, Riverrush chose the death of a warrior, leading an attack against the trolls despite his weakened condition. His death was swift.
Age: 754
Recognized: Pyre
Family: daughter; Crestfallen
Weapon: The sword that had been passed down from Chieftess Ice was lost to the trolls, along with Riverrush's body, at his death.
Prominent Wolf-friend: Mudslide

Chieftess Crestfallen (Trane)
Physical Description: Curly fire-red hair streaked with silver-white, emerald green eyes, a leanly muscled strength hidden behind elegant curves.
Personality: Mercurial; one moment she would be playing as fiercely as one of the cubs, and the next sitting quietly and thinking.  Something of a schemer, and yet ferociously protective of her tribe, even when they didn't feel the need to be protected.  Stern with her daughter in the hopes of molding a strong chieftess.
Cause of Death: N/A; Crestfallen lost a challenge and left the tribe.  Currently, she is searching for her lost soulsister Frostskipper.
Age: 165
Recognized: Starfire
Family: daughter
Weapon: Spear
Prominent Wolf-friend: Foxtail


Jet (Feltir)
Physical Description: Jet black shoulder-length hair, tall with a light build, dark green eyes, dramatic angular features.
Personality: Passionately devoted to Ice as both lifemate and Chieftess, her right-hand elf in battle and sport. No matter how grim the situation, he could always make her laugh and was fond of cubs and the process of making them.
Cause of Death: Killed in battle for vengeance of Ice's death.
Age: 646
Recognized: Ice
Family: son; Hawk
Weapon: Brightmetal axe
Prominent Wolf-friend: Hollowhowl

Greenleaf (Asiril)
Physical Description: Long brown wavy hair to her waist, bright turquoise eyes, very petite with a curvy figure.
Personality: Fun-loving huntress and rock-shaper, her musical laughter was often heard through the lodge. Hated the cold and would only leave the lodge willingly during the brief warm season. Though agile and skilled in the hunt, somewhat of a bubble-head.
Cause of Death: Fell from an icy ledge too far from the lodge for the healer to reach her in time.
Age: 423
Recognized: Hawk
Family: son; Riverrush
Weapon: Staff with heavy stone points on either end
Prominent Wolf-friend: Cloudback

Pyre (Kren)
Physical Description: Straight shiny red hair to waist, emerald green eyes, round apple cheeks, cupid's bow lips, ample bust but otherwise having a hard and muscled warrior's body.
Personality: Hot-tempered and quick to forgive, never thinking farther than the moment. Like Riverrush, she had trouble understanding their thoughtful, quiet daughter but still she loved her with all of her generous heart.
Cause of Death: After her lifemate's death, she refused to take nourishment, and became wild-eyed and savage, letting only her daughter near her, until she eventually died of starvation.
Age: 852
Recognized: Riverrush
Family: daughter; Crestfallen
Weapon: Twin short-swords wrested from a troll in battle.
Prominent Wolf-friend: Snarlwing

Starfire (Riare)
Physical Description: Short silver hair, violet eyes, tall and well-muscled in a lean way.  Broad across the shoulders and chest.
Personality: Often hot-tempered and confrontational, Starfire could be gentle with those he cared for.  Extremely protective of his dear ones, especially his daughter.  Usually serious and no-nonsense, but quite friendly with those who had earned his trust and the most blatant merrymaker in the tribe's history.
Cause of Death: N/A; after Crestfallen was defeated in a challenge, Starfire opted to go with her.  His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is assumed he is with Crestfallen and their daughter.
Age: 234
Recognized: Crestfallen
Family: daughter
Weapon: Brightmetal sword with star-shaped gems on the scabbard.
Prominent Wolf-friend: Leapfrost