Hidden Winds Holt

Tribal History

Ice and many others leave their home tribe and strike out on their own when Timmorn names Rahnee Chieftess.

They travel for many turns until they come to the Frozen Mountains, and decide to stay.  However, the trolls who reside there have other ideas, and the beginnings of a centuries-long war begin to take shape.  Many lose their lives, but in the first round of battles, the elves emerge victorious and stronger than ever.  Ice takes a troll-forged sword for her own and proclaims it a sign of leadership in the tribe.

Ice Recognizes Jet, and their son Hawk is born.

Ice dies in battle with the trolls.  Hawk becomes Chief without challenge, and takes Ice's sword for his own.  He vows to kill as many trolls as possible.

Hawk Recognizes Greenleaf, and their son Riverrush is born.

Hawk's strange relationship with a huge and ancient black bear leads to his death.  Riverrush is named Chief, and Ice's sword is passed on.

Riverrush Recognizes Pyre, and their daughter Crestfallen is born.

Riverrush contracts the wasting sickness, and yet still insists he lead all battles against the trolls.  In battle, he loses both his life and Ice's sword.  Crestfallen is named Chieftess, the first to assume the leadership without Ice's sword at her side.

Crestfallen Recognizes Starfire, and their daughter is born.

Crestfallen feels that life in the Frozen Mountains has become unnecessarily hard for the tribe, and yearns for a peaceful existence.  Council is held, and the decision is made - the tribe will leave the only home they have ever known, and seek out new lands, lands friendlier to their kind.  Many turns of undirected journey end when the travel-weary tribe stumbles across something none of them have ever seen before.

The paradise turns deadly with the migration of the allos taking them directly through the territory the tribe had claimed as their own.  Chasing the dream of a perfect and thoroughly peaceful home for the tribe, Crestfallen decides to move on.  The young hunter Flaretalon, aware that such a place as Crestfallen seeks does not exist, challenges her decision to leave.  As tempers run high it is misunderstood that the challenge is for the lock.  Through a stroke of luck, Flaretalon wins, and Crestfallen and her family are exiled.

Two turns pass...

Present time!