Hidden Winds Holt

Area of Hidden Winds Holt

The Holt/Father Tree area:
     The Holt is located in the lush forest of the Forevergreen. The father tree is located in a clear area of the rainforest and is made up not of one tree, but rather of several linked together by interlocking bridges shaped from the living wood itself. Each family of elves has their own den shaped within a tree's heart, and there is one huge den that the elves use to gather in if the weather prevents outside gatherings. On the ground level there are entrances to inside the trees with steps leading upward in a spiral. Ladders of woven plants and animal hair also span the trees for help with climbing, and ropes are slung from high branches for another way to get from tree to tree. Each den has a entrance on the inside as well as on the outside in case of the need for a quick escape. In the treetops birds sing to greet the sun's rising and setting. Growing among the vines and leaves, colorful flowers bloom, lending color to the vast greeness. The holt area itself is situated atop a large hill, chosen so the rains could not so easily flood the holt.  It has yet to be seen whether this has proved to be an effective preventative against the annual flooding, or whether the elves will have to adapt their lifestyles further.  
     A secondary protective measure had been taken upon arriving, that being a shaped "wall" of thickly-grown foliage reinforced with shaped stones which runs partially around either side of the holt while remaining open at the ends.  This was undertaken to force the allos, in their yearly migration, to go well around the holt, thus avoiding a repeat of the incident that nearly lost the holt in the first place.  This barrier is known as Selva's Wall, after the plantshaper who used all of her strength to complete it in time for it to be effective, thereby ending her life.
     A stream runs near the holt with a small waterfall that gathers into a crystal-clear pool surrounded by a variety of multi-colored flowers. About a half-day's walk from the holt is a river that feeds the stream. In this river there are dangers untold. Giant fish weighing more than three elves swim in the clear bottom of the fast-moving body of water. Eels that send electric shocks through anything they touch stay near the riverbank, as do creatures the elves call Stingtails, which, when stepped on, can cause an elf to lose feeling in their feet and legs for days at a time - and no healer can heal the injury.
     Once these Wolfriders lived by the light of day, having come from the fozen mountains where the temperatures were well below freezing at night. Now as they get used to the warmer climate, natural habits kick in once more and now they live in the coolness of night, sleeping the hot and humid days away in the coolness of their dens. The wolves that once resided in the lodge with their bonds now have taken to caves that are near the holt. These interlocking passages offer a dark coolness for the frozen mountain animals. Once having large shaggy coats of fur, most have shed the hot coat and now look slim, and are silky to the touch.

     The climate of Hidden Winds is moist and warm temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees during the day. The air is moist and rainfall is not a rare thing in the holt. In the warmer months rain falls nearly nonstop, often leading to flooding of the forest floor - this is one reason the dens are so high up in the tree tops; the wolves leave their caves during this time and join their bonds in ascending the stairs to the much safer tree dens.  The canopy is thick and almost no light reaches the ground of the holt.  A soft breeze is almost nonexistant and when it does come, it's a pleasure. There are almost no ground-covering plants as the light does not reach through the canopy to the forest floor.  The ground is almost wet and spongy to the touch but is a delight to the senses of the Wolfriders who have taken this strange new land as their home.