Hidden Winds Holt

Submissions Guidelines

1. All art may be uploaded by the artist to his or her designated folder within the yahoo group; you may set up this folder in the files or photos section once you have something to put in it.  It must be in JPG format, and should be no larger than 100k unless detail will be lost in the shrinking of the image.  Nothing larger than 200k, though, because some of us have slow, old computers that will have heart attacks and die trying to load something that big.
2. Art uploaded to the group should have be named according to the subject of the art, and include a brief description of the picture.
3. Although this is in R-rated holt, this does not give artists license to produce pornography.  Erotica is fine, as long as a warning is posted with the picture.  Nudity is fine too, as long as there is convenient placement of hair, clothing, body parts, leaves, etc to cover genitalia.  Pictures of this nature MUST be placed within the provided folder for adult subject matter rather than your own personal folder.  
4. Every now and then, I will take the art that has been posted to the group and upload it to the website.  How often I update the art page here depends upon how often you post art, and in what quantity.  I will not make a special update for one piece of artwork.

1. As stated above, no pornography.  Erotica is still fine, though we tread a thin line between the two on occasion.  Please use your judgment so we don't have to use ours.  We'd rather not cut large portions out of people's stories to make them acceptable for people under the age of 21.
2. If your story includes another character in any way, it is polite to ask the owner of the character for permission to use their character.  We do not monitor this; it is up to you to observe this common courtesy.  If, however, we discover that you have been using other characters without permission from their owners, and if their owners are displeased with your treatment of their character, we will remove the offending piece of fiction and give you a chance to rewrite it correctly.  If you continue to use other characters without permission, you will lose all privileges and may eventually lose your place in the holt.  However, if, for example, a healer is necessary to the plot of your story and the player of the healer refuses to allow you to use his or her character, please notify us.  If your planned use of the character is not unreasonable or out of character, we will grant you permission to use that character. Please don't be stingy with your characters.  It's hard to write a story with only one elf in it.
3. No surprise magics, Recognitions, cubs, etc without clearing it with us first.  This applies to RP as well, but is posted here because stories are usually singular works whereas RPs require several people working together.  If you write a story in which your character Recognizes another current character without being given permission to do so from either us or the owner of the other character, the story will be removed and you will be warned.
4. Do NOT post your fictions directly on the yahoo group.  They must be sent to us first for approval (which will be given if you followed all of the guidelines here) and then we will post them to the appropriate area of the community for all to read.  Please send your stories to hiddenwinds@hotmail.com and either attach them in a txt format or include them in the body of the email.  Please include a title.  We will give it one if you can't think of something.